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When you’re selling online, you want to make sure your website represents who you are and what you do. After all, it’s your chance to make an impression on your customers. And if you do it right, you can make a lasting one.

That’s why, when starting your ecommerce journey, it’s important to pay more attention to your online store’s design. There are plenty of other business tips and tricks readily available to you. But in this article, we’ll go over ecommerce website design.

I found 11 great ecommerce businesses that I thought stood out from the crowd.

11 best ecommerce website design in 2022

There’s no shortage of beautiful ecommerce websites, but some have designs that inspire more creativity than others.

You’ll notice that photography is the key for most of these ecommerce website designs. Photos play an important role in any website trying to sell products online. 

You don’t necessarily require fancy gear to take stunning photos. Shopify offers a photography course that centers around taking high-quality images using just a smartphone. It also includes tips on how to edit photos to appear as if they were taken by a professional. 

Let’s check out each of these ecommerce website examples, one by one.

1. Hebe

Hebe’s website is beautiful. The thing that stands out the most is its photography. High-quality photos are important when running an online ecommerce business, especially on a clothing website. The site’s typography is great as well. The font is just a little bit thicker than what you usually see online, which makes the website design stand out even further.

ecommerce website design

2. Bliss

This ecommerce website channels its fun energy through its website design. With bright colors, it gives off a very cheerful feeling. Additionally, it’s done a great job with photography. The big photos on its homepage set the mood of the rest of the website’s design.

3. Dress Up

Dress Up sells fashionable clothing for women. It uses contrasting colors and texts to highlight new arrivals, sales, or seasonal promotions. What’s interesting on its website is the “Chat with us” option, which isn’t common for online fashion stores, but is definitely a plus point!

dressup online store

4. Bohemian Traders

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design a clothing website, Bohemian Traders is a good place to start. With a bit of Bohemian touch in the design, visitors to this ecommerce website can easily navigate between clothing items based on the latest arrivals, occasions, accessories, or sale items.

5. ambsn

Here we have another ecommerce clothing website. This online store is full of the colorful patterns of the brand’s jackets, shorts, and t-shirts. So it’s no surprise that its ecommerce website design is full of big, bold colors too. It also uses a lot of orange, which stands out against the minimalist background of the site.


RYDER is on this list because of its strange (but interesting) take on ecommerce website design. Contrasting elements helps the store stand out. RYDER also has simple navigation, which makes it easy for visitors to find different products on its website.

7. Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon, a breakfast brand, does a great job portraying its products’ texture on its ecommerce site. The layout has a magazine-like structure, with a sparking color palette and detectable details behind every click and scroll. A light blue background spreads through pink and purple palettes, which perfectly complements the high-quality product shots.

magic spoon shopify store

8. Dick Moby

Dick Moby sells glasses. Its ecommerce website design is full of great design elements. First off, it’s the fun patterns and squiggles you see at the top of its homepage. Second, it’s the quality photos of its glasses. Notice that on the Shop page the glasses are alone without anything in the background. That lets the product stand out. It’s a great ecommerce website example where the design helps create a unique feeling for the products.

9. The Horse

Everything from the name to the design of this ecommerce website is memorable. You see bold pictures and fewer words. If you’re looking for how to design a website in a unique way, you can take some inspiration from The Horse’s amazing design.

10. Esqido

The ecommerce website design of Esqido focuses on the beauty of its main product: lashes. It’s full of closeup photos of the product and its intricate packaging. What’s more, it even has a short video on its homepage explaining how to apply fake lashes. This ecommerce website is especially helpful if you’re looking for some ideas on photographing makeup or beauty products for your ecommerce website.

11. Mahabis

Mahabis focuses on showing off its high-quality products straight away. And what better way to do that than with a beautiful website design. As soon as you’re on the homepage of this ecommerce website, you’re greeted with a one-line description of how comfortable the product is. The amazing design of this site shows even the smallest details to entice the potential buyer.

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