A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends

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Whatever you think about Charlie Sheen, there’s no denying his playboy reputation. Rising to fame in the ’80s, Martin Sheen’s son has led a very public and sometimes controversial life. Movies like Wall Street, Young gunmanAnd Grand Tournament has turned him into one of Hollywood’s leading men and a sought-after actor. But his tendency to party soon got the actor into trouble. Substance abuse problems affected his career, and Sheen hit rock bottom in the ’90s. But one thing remained consistent: the frequency of Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends.

No matter how bad life gets, New York-born Sheen always has a beautiful woman in her arms. He has been married three times, likes dark women, and has talked about being a sex addict. His harem of lovers only grew when he returned to the hit series Complete any male house. At one point he was involved in a consensual relationship with two women at the same time. Even after it was announced that he was HIV positive and that thing In an interview where he mentioned having tiger blood and winning in life, Sheen made women flock to him.

While he’s certainly a handsome guy, Sheen definitely has some type It factor. Or maybe it’s money? Regardless, Sheen remains a charming gentleman with a long history of bedding attractive women. To highlight the long list of party lovers, here’s a guide to Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends over the years.

1. Scottine Ross

Internal version/YouTube

You’ll quickly discover Charlie Sheen has a type. It has nothing to do with their appearance or personality, but their work. He is a big fan of adult film actresses. Scottine Ross, stage name Brett Rossi, is a model turned porn star who dated Sheen for nearly a year from November 2013 to October 2014. Sheen met Ross after seeing her video and decided decided he had to go on a date with her. After pursuing her to no avail, he offered Ross $10,000 on a date. Ross relents and goes on a date with Sheen. Things must have gone well when the two fell in love, engaged, and planned to get married, but Sheen canceled everything a month before the wedding.

Four weeks later Ross suffered a drug overdose. In 2015, shortly after Sheen’s HIV diagnosis became public, Ross accused Sheen of forcing her to have an abortion, assaulting her and getting her HIV infected. This is not the first or last time Sheen has been accused of bad behavior in a relationship, which has followed him throughout his career.

2. Denise Richards

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Charlie Sheen met his second ex-wife Denise Richards on the set of Good Advice in 2000. They had a tumultuous relationship and gave birth to two daughters, Sam J. Sheen (born March 9, 2004) and Lola Rose Sheen (born June 1, 2005). Although the two appear to be in love, Sheen’s substance abuse problems have given them headaches. Denise Richards filed for divorce while pregnant with her second child and received a restraining order against Sheen. She accused him of several other serious issues during the divorce hearing, and the two eventually cut ties in 2006.

Despite going through a messy divorce, the two still have a good relationship and often spend time together with their children.

3. Capri Anderson

A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends 3A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends 4

ABC/YouTube News

Born Christina Walsh, Capri Anderson is a porn star best known for her on-and-off relationship with Charlie Sheen. Although it is unclear if they were dating or just ‘meeting’ as the children called them, the two were involved in a highly publicized incident in 2010. Police were called to Hotel Plaza after Sheen got mad and started smashing him. room. They found Anderson hiding in the bathroom. The adult movie star remained silent about what happened until Sheen called her out for trying to blackmail him for $1 million. This disappointed Anderson. She did an interview with ABC News claiming that Sheen had lost her mind and threatened to kill her while he was having a breakdown.

4. Robin Wright

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These two famous faces briefly dated as teenagers in the early 80s. Not much is known about their time together, except that it happened during their first years of school. high school. Interestingly, Sheen was friends with Sean Penn during that time, who would marry Robin Wright in the 90s. Wright is an award-winning actress, now married to Clément Giraudet, an executive. issued by Saint Laurent.

5. Brittany Ashland

A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends 7A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends 8

Inside Hollywood/YouTube

Brittany Ashland and Charlie Sheen dated in the 90s but things took a turn for the worse when she accused Sheen of violent behavior. Ashland said Sheen threw her onto the marble floor of his Agoura Hills home, knocking her unconscious. He then tried to throw away her bloody clothes and warned Ashland not to say anything or he would kill her. Sheen begged not to participate in the competition and was given a year’s probation. Ashland has been out of the headlines since, occasionally appearing to warn others about Sheen’s violent past.

6. Kelly Preston

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These two love birds had a very brief romance in 1990 and were briefly engaged. The strangest story that happened in their relationship was the time Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston. Somehow, the loaded gun Sheen had in his pants accidentally discharged and hit Preston in the arm. Luckily she’s okay, but the incident must have set off alarm bells. A few months later, the two announced their separation and Preston was soon dating John Travolta, whom she would marry.

7. Ginger Lynn Allen

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Cine Arcadia/YouTube production company

After things went badly for Kelly Preston, Charlie Sheen turned his attention to Ginger Lynn Allen. One of the biggest stars of the adult entertainment world in the ’80s, Allen bonded with Sheen while he entered drug rehab. In an interview with Everybody she described Sheen as fun when sober but a nightmare when drunk. “When Charlie was sober, he was sweet, kind, loving and generous,” said Allen, who has been with Charlie for five years. “When he drinks and uses, he loses control.”

8. Brooke Mueller

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Brooke Mueller is the third wife of Charlie Sheen. The real estate agent and the playboy met in 2008. A year later, Mueller gave birth to twin boys, her first child and Sheen’s fourth and fifth children. Sheen finally seemed to have settled down and was thriving in a loving relationship until his erratic behavior once again destroyed another of his marriages.

On Christmas Day 2009, Sheen was arrested for domestic violence. Instead, he tries to find a way out of jail time, committing once again to stay in rehab. Although it is believed that they both wanted to try to save their marriage, that did not happen. Sheen filed for divorce and the marriage was declared over in 2011. Although things did not end well, with Mueller implicating Sheen through the tabloids, the two have now reconciled because the benefit of their children.

9. Stephanie Seymour

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Sam Aronov/Shutterstock

Glamor model Stephanie Seymour was in a two-year relationship with Guns N’ Roses frontman Axel Rose when she and Charlie Sheen dated. The two had a brief romance, with Sheen seemingly declaring his love for Seymour. However, the two did not see each other for long. Seymour got back together with her boyfriend Rose and Sheen continued his love of adult entertainers.

10. Donna Peele

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Despite being a heartthrob and going around town in the ’80s, it wasn’t until more than a decade later that Charlie Sheen tried to settle down. In 1995, he married his first wife Donna Peele. Their marriage fell apart after Sheen was named in the trial of Heidi Fleiss. Sheen was forced to testify about his involvement in Fleiss’s prostitution ring, where he claimed to have spent approximately $50,000 on escorts. Peele filed for divorce and the marriage ended a little more than a year later in 1996.

11. Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly

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ABC News/YouTube

Putting these two together seems like cheating, but considering Charlie Sheen dated them at the same time it makes sense. In 2011, Sheen lived every man’s fantasy. Not only is he super rich and out every night, but he’s also dating two women at the same time. After watching porn star Bree Olson’s movies, Sheen invited her to LA to stay with him. When she arrived, she quickly discovered that Sheen had a live-in girlfriend, graphic designer Natalie Kenly. Somehow, the two 24-year-old men still agreed to the group arrangement and lived together for a few months. The ‘Goddess’, as Sheen named them, quickly began arguing and raised their heads in jealousy. Olson left after a few months and Kenly quickly followed, leaving Sheen back in his original position.

12. Tamara Beckwith

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Flash Photo Agency/Shutterstock feature

Tamara Beckwith is one of the rare women dating Charlie Sheen who is not a famous porn star or actress. The British socialite and television personality was everywhere in the ’90s. A mainstay of the British party scene, Beckwith and Sheen briefly dated in the ’90s. It makes sense that both two will be attracted to each other: they both love parties and themselves more than anything else.

13. Winona Ryder

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Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

Even Winona Ryder can’t escape Charlie Sheen’s charms. Before his success, Ryder co-starred with actor Sheen in a romantic comedy Lucas. This was Ryder’s first acting role and she and Sheen allegedly fell in love during filming before the relationship quickly fell apart.

14. Kacey Jordan

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Starting to date Charlie Sheen after one date is never a good idea. Pornstar Kacey Jordan met Hellraiser during one of his infamous drug and alcohol adventures. On this special occasion, Sheen was hospitalized after 36 hours of non-stop partying. Kacey and Sheen began an on-again, off-again relationship that ended with Jordan attempting suicide in a Chicago hotel. She then went on to say that Sheen could be the father of her aborted baby and that he has some serious substance abuse problems. No racing!

15. Charlotte Lewis

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Inside Hollywood/YouTube

Not long after meeting Winnona Ryder, Charlie Sheen’s next conquest was British actress Charlotte Lewis. Unlike Ryder, this relationship lasted two years. Lewis was only 19 years old at the time the two met. She was quickly heralded as the next big thing after her performance in Roman Polanski’s film. pirate. While things started out well, Sheen’s love of nightlife soon caused problems and the two parted ways.

16. Julia Stambler

A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends 29A Guide To Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriends 30

TMZ/YouTube Podcast Network

Charlie Sheen’s most recent girlfriend is Julia Stambler, who was a nanny for his twin sons with ex-wife Brooke Mueller. The two met when Stambler was just 26 years old and Sheen was 51 years old, their 25 year age gap is a bit worrying. Despite this, the two tried to keep things very light and Sheen seemed very happy. It’s unknown if Julia Stambler and Charlie Sheen are still dating now that Sheen has stayed away from the headlines.

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