A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide]

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Tattoo artists can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on talent, experience and willingness to work long hours. Other factors also come into play when weighing the pros and cons of entering the growing tattoo industry…

Getting paid for your art is difficult: extremely difficult, in fact. The concept of the “starving artist” plays an important role in the cultural perception of those who choose to pursue their creative passions. Sometimes it’s surprising when anyone tries to become a professional artist.

However, for those with a natural inclination towards pen and ink, there is a better option. With the continued boom of the tattoo industry, many creative individuals are choosing tattooing as an art form, passion, and source of income.

The following section examines many important considerations for artists interested in moving into the popular and exciting medium of tattoo art and application.

Average annual income

There are many factors that determine how much a tattoo artist can earn, most notably experience and skill. Another important factor that determines an artist’s annual salary is location, with many businesses often clustered around densely populated urban areas, although in the Internet age this is not the case. is as important as before.

Most artists earn between $30K and $50K. Again, famous and experienced artists will earn much more, with some of the highest paid tattoo artists earning up to $100k per year.

A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 1A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 2

Price: Minimum, hourly and each piece Pricing

When considering a tattoo artist’s salary and earning potential, the best place to start is the prices artists and shops charge. At the heart of this price point is the experience of an artist. In the United States, the average shopping price in major cities is about $150 an hour. Keep in mind that this is an average that takes into account all artists: an apprentice might charge $50 while someone with 20 years of experience might charge $300 per hour.

Many stores also run promotions with a specific list of special flash designs for $50 or $100 each, bypassing the hourly rate. It’s also important to note that most businesses have a “minimum purchase,” so even a part the size of a quarter that takes 30 minutes will still cost more than the hourly rate.

Do stores charge percentages?

Yes, in the most common business model, the artist pays a “rent” to the shop usually based on a certain percentage per tattoo, usually 40% or 50%. So, if an artist charges a customer $500 for a koi fish tattoo, the shop will charge $250 and the artist will charge $250. While this may seem a bit high, when it comes to modern tattoo parlors, the name and reputation of a famous shop is a commodity and the owner clearly understands the role this plays in attracting artists. working doctor. This way of paying is just one reason why it is customary to tip artists.

This strategy is also preferable to a fixed monthly rent structure because it motivates artists to increase their efforts and puts more money in everyone—themselves and the store—more money.

A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 3A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 4

Independent contractor or paid employee?

Given the organizational structure that many shops use, people may wonder what the official status of a tattoo artist is. Although state taxes vary, for federal tax purposes tattoo artists are technically considered independent contractors, operating their own business in a shop owner-controlled environment. provide. This model is said to work better than paying taxes as a salaried employee of a shop, so most tattoo businesses have adopted this method for the benefit of everyone. People.

Guest Points

Another common practice in the world of tattoo parlors is when a shop allows an outside artist to come and work at their location for a limited time. Some stores go after artists they feel fit the style and personality of the permanent artists while other times an artist may approach a store for time and upskill. their reputation as well as their reputation. In either case, the guest artist will charge their own rates and the store will receive a predefined profit cut as usual.

A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 5A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 6

Cost: Equipment and Licenses

In most shops, the artist’s cut will cover electricity and most cleaning supplies, leaving artists responsible for their personal equipment, especially their own machinery. Surname. While there are tattoo machines that cost as little as $50, most professional artists use machines that cost between $400 and $1,000, with complex custom machines costing more.

Licensing costs not only vary from state to state, but in many cases also from county to county. For example, in California, in LA County, an annual fee of $47 must be paid, while in Santa Clarita County, the same license costs $175 annually. This is just one more factor that potential artists must consider.

Alternative revenue stream

We’re living in a world of side hustles, and tattoo artists are especially poised to take advantage of this new business landscape. With high hourly wages, many artists can exercise a greater degree of autonomy and freedom than those tied to a 9-to-5 job, and there are many ways to take advantage of this freedom. Artists who achieve high levels of popularity may be offered sponsorships from larger businesses, from machinery manufacturers and ink companies to clothing and fashion businesses.

Many tattoo artists also work as illustrators, charging commissions for bespoke flash sheets and even autographs, although tattooing often remains their main job.

A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 7A Guide to Tattoo Artist Salaries – [2022 Information Guide] 8

Is tattooing a suitable career? for you?

With the continued explosion of popularity that tattoos have witnessed over the past decade, more and more people are considering getting into the industry, and for good reasons. However, this commercial expansion also saw a lot of people trying to forge a new path without fully capturing the highly competitive nature of the business. Many people see high hourly wages and think they can get used to that kind of cash without even considering the hundreds or hundreds of hours of unpaid practice and dedication that have reached a level people are willing to pay. willing to pay $100 an hour to get ink. .

There is no doubt that for a passionate artist with a penchant for drawing, the world of tattoos is a great way to become professional with their creative pursuits; however, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Successful tattoo art requires tireless dedication and patience.

If you decide to start your own tattoo business, you’ll need a solid business plan, enough money to invest in start-up costs, and of course a great tattoo shop name!

For those with a passion for ink and creativity, tattooing can be a great career option worth exploring further.

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