Alix Earle explains why she’s upset with John Summit

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TikTok star Alix Earle has finally explained why she was upset with DJ John Summit when she was ‘sniped’ by ESPN in a viral video.

Alix Earle is an influencer famous for her viral “get ready with me” videos. Boasting over 5 million followers on TikTok and 3 million on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Earle is a true online celebrity.

Earle was recently spotted attending a recent CF Inter Miami match where she was spotted alongside popular DJ John Summit. However, their conversation didn’t seem really interesting.

A video showing the two having a one-way conversation was recorded and posted to the official ESPN TikTok account, where Earle seemed uninterested in what Summit had to say.

The video quickly went viral, leaving commenters both confused as to why the clip was posted on ESPN’s TikTok account in the first place, and thoroughly amused by Earle’s reaction to the apparent lack of excitement. of Summit.

Alix Earle explains her reaction to John Summit on the viral ESPN TikTok channel

Luckily, Earle explained that she wasn’t really upset with him. In a recent ‘get ready for me’ video, the influencer clarified that she just had one bad case of RBF: Resting B*tch Face.

“ESPN sniped me yesterday,” she joked. “I know I have a fucking face, but when I saw this clip, I was like, ‘Oh my god. I’m afraid of myself.”

Alix also explained that there was a celebrity in front of them, making both her and Summit a bit awkward because of the celebrity’s presence in their midst.

She continued: “Looks like I rolled my eyes and looked away. “There were a lot of cameras around us because there was a very famous person in front of us. And we stood there awkwardly and said, ‘Okay, let’s be calm here.’”

“So guys, no, I don’t hate John Summit. I love him. We are huge fans [of each other].”

As for Summit, he seemed pretty embarrassed about the challenge, saying in a viral tweet: “I’ll never go out in public again, lmao.”

Luckily, there’s no bad blood between these two – but the viral clip of their conversation certainly got the internet laughing.

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