Apex Legends Map Rotation Explained (& When World’s Edge Is Coming Back)

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Maps in battle royale games are usually large and play a large role in the success of the game. apex legend It’s no different, with three maps already released in the two years since launch. Each map typically undergoes some in-universe changes each season. For example, the newest character added to the game crashed his ship into the original Kings Canyon map, creating a new drop location.Season 8 apex legend Map rotation isn’t noticeable, with one of the three maps currently completely unplayable.

The latest map Olympus has been added apex legend In Season 7, it is currently one of two maps in rotation, the other being Kings Canyon. When playing an unranked duo or trio, the game will tell players which map they are currently playing in the Select Game Type corner. It also comes with a timer that counts down until the map changes again. Unfortunately, no rotation schedule of any kind is visible in the game.

Luckily, the fan-made tracker Apex Legends Map Rotation lets players know which map is currently being played, as well as the current schedule for the upcoming rotation. According to the tracker’s FAQ, the upcoming map can be found in the game’s files and was created by (@kuromakes on Twitter) Guaranteed top notch Even if Respawn changes the situation, players can keep the tracker running accurately. As of now, the unranked map switches between Kings Canyon and Olympus every hour, hour and a half, or two hours. Ranked play will be limited to Kings Canyon until March 23, when Olympus will take over. Anyone perusing the tracker’s upcoming spin will notice World’s Edge (apex legendThe second map added in Season 3) is completely missing.

When World’s Edge Returns to Apex Legends

According to EA’s apex legend Season 8 Ranking Announcement,”World’s Edge is taking a break from ranked play, but will return later in the season.“For now, this is all the information top notch The community has been informed about the missing map. There’s also no indication if it will return to an unranked rotation anytime soon, or if it will be unplayable for the remainder of Season 8.Currently, Nintendo Switch players join apex legend Didn’t even get a chance to play World’s Edge on March 9th.

A new season usually brings a new map or a major map update. Edge of the World Season 9 may be getting an overhaul to explain its absence.Ahead of Olympus launch, leaker hints at next apex legend The map might be called a tropical island. Either the name is a trick to disguise Olympus, or there’s another map on the way. It’s hard to believe that a fourth map would come out so soon after Olympus, especially when the current maps haven’t all been used yet, so an update to World’s Edge is more likely. Still, there’s no way of knowing for sure until Respawn or EA releases some kind of confirmation, but the most likely scenario is that World’s Edge isn’t involved at all. Apex Legends Maps are rotated until redesigned next season.

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