Avoid These 4 Types of TikTok Sleep Hacks

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Some TikTok creators offer sleep health advice with no expertise or research to back up their claims. Learn what types of videos to avoid.

Some of the health information offered on TikTok is questionable at best, and the videos on “SleepTok” are no exception. Here’s what you should know about some of the popular insomnia tricks on TikTok, including those that are best avoided (or at least approached with caution).


1. Try taping your mouth

Avoid These 4 Types of TikTok Sleep Hacks 1

If you scroll the #sleepbetter tag a bit, you’ll likely find a video that recommends gagging at night. Fans of this method claim that it helps prevent snoring and dry mouth and generally improves your sleep. Some TikTok creators more or less challenge viewers to try it out.

At this time, only a limited number of scientific studies have looked at this method, and medical organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic recommend against sleeping with mouth wraps. It can make it hard to breathe, and the tape can irritate the skin around your mouth.

So is this a legitimate way to improve your sleep at night? Talk to your own doctor before trying it. In the meantime, testing out some free sleep tracking apps might provide a bit of insight into your overall sleep habits.

2. Always sleep on your left, right or back side

Many TikTok videos make the claim that you should never sleep on your stomach, while others advocate sleeping on one side or the other. Some of these videos have garnered millions of views.

If trying to sleep properly is stressful for you, rest assured: the best sleeping position can vary from person to person, according to Johns Hopkins. For example, someone with low back pain may prefer sleeping on their back, while someone with heartburn may find sleeping on their left side more comfortable.

In fact, TikTokker dr.dan_dpt, a physiotherapist, even refutes this claim. For most healthy people, you can sleep the way you feel comfortable.

3. Take my additional advice

Browsing through SleepTok for a minute, you’ll find several videos recommending a melatonin or magnesium supplement every night. Like many topics, there are also many videos that vehemently oppose these popular supplements. Which should you believe?

Overall, there is some concern about the correct labeling of melatonin supplements for sale in the United States, according to JAMA research. There is also some question of its actual effectiveness in helping with sleep problems.

Likewise, magnesium supplementation may increase sleep quality, but a study in the journal Sleep shows just how important magnesium supplementation is. For most people, this is not a cure-all for sleep problems as some videos suggest.

In this case, talk to your healthcare professional about whether sleep supplements are right for you. Your doctor will better understand your overall health and how taking supplements may specifically affect your sleep.

4. Buy this product

Avoid These 4 Types of TikTok Sleep Hacks 2

It’s true that there are a lot of legitimately cool things for sale on TikTok, and the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt tag includes billions of views. But for the most part, beware of videos that claim to offer sleep advice—are they really just trying to sell you something?

In addition to the obvious products like weighted blankets and specialized pillows, TikTok videos also promote room sprays, portable electronics, and even vaping devices to help improve your sleep. While some of these products are good, others are useless (and possibly even harmful).

In general, videos that sell a product that can promote health information are less trustworthy than videos that are strictly informational on TikTok, as health policy researcher Marco Zenone explains on The Verge. There are many motives for exaggerating a product’s usefulness.

If you’re curious about a product that’s being hyped, remember the many ways to spot a scam online, such as reading reviews with a keen eye. With a little practice, you’ll learn how to avoid wasting money.

Browse SleepTok carefully

While a lot of the sleep advice TikTok offers is helpful (or at least harmless), not everything is vetted or supported by research. In some cases, videos that share misinformation can be bad for your overall health.

Bottom line: if you are having severe or ongoing sleep problems, discuss them with a medical professional whenever possible. TikTok is great for entertainment, but it’s not always a reliable source of health information.

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