Bethenny Frankel criticized after saying Andy Cohen “despised” her

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When RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel opened up about leaving BravoTV, she admitted that Andy Cohen “despised” her.

Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel has her own press tour after all the feedback she received from her interview with Raquel Leviss.

She also recently called on reality TV stars to unite, urging them to demand higher wages like actors on strike in Hollywood.

Even though she’s spoken out multiple times over the past few weeks, leading to one fan saying she should ‘get a checkup,’ Frankel continues to get into bed with BravoTV, as she shares more details more about his reality TV experience on ‘Literally! With Rob Lowe’s podcast.

Instagram: BethennyfrankelRHONY’s Bethenny Frankel faces criticism following her interview with Raquel Leviss and her call for reality TV stars to unionize.

BravoTV fans call Bethenny Frankel “useless”

During a recent episode of the ‘Just B With Bethenny Frankel’ podcast, the former RHONY star rambled erratically, sarcastically apologizing for “exploiting” Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss.

Although fans shared their concerns for Frankel, the podcast host seemed unfazed by the negativity she received over her boycott of BravoTV when she spoke to Rob Lowe on his podcast, ‘Literally! with Rob Lowe.’

Frankel not only bragged about leaving reality TV unsolicited, but also claimed that BravoTV executive producer Andy Cohen “despised” her, saying, “I can tell you one way. I’m sure everyone in Bravo can look down on me, including Andy Cohen. .”

She went on to explain how Cohen and her fellow Bravolebrities had to “protect the realm” of reality TV, saying that she “shook things up,” unlike any other housewife who has left from their program.

Frankel also admitted to “burning bridges” with BravoTV by urging its reality TV stars to strike and demand more pay. According to reports, she has around 80 names ready to form an alliance – Leviss, Chrissy Tegan, Jwoww and stars from various other reality shows like The Bachelor and Summer House.

Even though Frankel has continued to publicly express her feelings about BravoTV on every podcast she’s been invited to since her interview with Leviss, fans have been less than pleased with her criticism. One fan even commented on her ‘Literally! With dialogue from Rob Lowe, “She really thinks highly of herself. Shake what? Please go.”

Others shared their opinions about the former RHONY star, saying, “No humility – she’s too self-centered and free-spirited,” as well as, “I love how she brags about becoming a reality celebrity on more reality TV shows.” [shows] more than anyone else. She is falling into a downward spiral of despair and panic.”

Although Frankel has left RHONY twice, her consistent online criticism has led BravoTV fans to boycott her instead of the network. Frankel has also yet to give an update on her actual star union status and whether it’s progressing. But if there’s one thing we do know about Bethenny Frankel, it’s that she doesn’t like to swallow her words, so it’s likely she’ll go further with her BravoTV strike despite the criticism she has to face. face when doing so.

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