Corinna Kopf accepts fan’s $175k offer to put her feet on his face

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Streamer and OnlyFans star Corinna Kopf could have made a fortune after a fan offered her $175k to put her feet on his face for an hour.

Corinna Kopf is a featured streamer on Kick, where she currently has over 92,000 followers on the new broadcasting platform.

Previously, she streamed live on Facebook Gaming and appeared regularly in David Dobrik’s YouTube vlogs.

She has also built a huge empire on OnlyFans, showing in a bank statement in one of Dobrik’s vlogs that she earns between $680,000 – $2.3 million per month from the site.

Instagram: corinnakopfCorinna Kopf is a popular streamer and creator of OnlyFans, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Recently, she was waiting for another big payday after a fan made her an offer she couldn’t refuse… but sadly, it probably wasn’t real.

Corinna Kopf stunned after fan offered $175k to put her feet on his face

In early September, Kopf posted a request she received from a fan saying they would pay her close to $200k if she put her foot on his face for an hour.

“Tomorrow I will pay $175,000 for an hour if you put your feet on my face,” they wrote.

However, Kopf doesn’t believe the offer is genuine and believes fans are probably just blowing smoke – but she assures that she would definitely accept their offer if it were legit.

“Imagine if this was a real offer,” she said. “Like, I’m taking this. I will do this.”

This isn’t the first foot-related request Kopf has received that has gone viral. Back in June, none other than Drake weighed in on giving the streamer a foot massage in an Instagram post promoting his upcoming broadcast sponsored by Stake.

“I could massage Corinna Kopf’s feet live on air,” he wrote. “You never know.”

Kopf seems to have had this idea and wrote in a comment: “I’m waiting.”

It’s clear that Kopf doesn’t play with her pockets – and she’s always open to opportunities if she has the money.

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