Everything Breaks Review Discount Coupon 2022: Upto 15% Off

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Everything Breaks Discount Coupon Code 2022– Get 15% Off

Everything Breaks Review Discount Coupon 2022: Upto 15% Off

  • Everything Breaks is offering a special discount coupon code – EB15OFF –  that buyers can use to protect their Laptop, Tablet/eReader, Consumer Electronics, and Appliances.

Valid till 31st Dec 2019, the offer is not applicable to the Smartphone protection plan.

  • The users will get the notification for the 15% discount coupon code while surfing the website through Desktop.

Apply Coupon Code: EB15OFF

  • Everything Breaks Discount Coupon: Get 10% Off On Every Protection Plan

Users will get flat 10% Off on every Consumer Electronics Insurance/Protection Plan. These plans can protect your Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, eReaders, Televisions, Printers, Desktop Computers, Monitors, Alarm Clocks, Cameras, Car Audio and Video Equipment, Home Audio Components, Home Speakers, Home Theater, MP3 Players, Radar Detectors, External Electronic Computer Accessories, Small Kitchen Appliances including Blenders, Coffee Makers, Electric Kettles, Juicers, Mixers, Toasters, Vacuum Cleaners and more.

On the checkout page, just apply the coupon code EB10OFF and get the discount instantly.

Everything Breaks Review 2022: Is It Worth??

Everything Breaks is the market leader in providing Protection Plans, which protect the financial interests of consumers. With a legacy of over 20 years, it has simplified the dreaded claims process and redesigned the economics of a Protection Plan.

Started with just a simple warranty plan for phones, they have expanded their scope of coverage to almost every gadget and appliance found in our household. Excellent customer service, hassle-free claims, and no-questions-asked cancellation policy have helped Everything Breaks to build a loyal customer base, which is expanding every day.

Pros Cons
Active customer service It doesn’t cover intentional damage, loss or theft.
Hassle-free online claims
No hidden fees
Unlimited claims on all gadgets
Local repairs of your phone
Accidental damage included
Same-day scheduling of service

Key features: 

Everything Breaks believes in proactive customer service and addresses all customer queries as a priority. Customers can file a claim for any damaged appliance or accessory in a simple 4-step process. Most of the claims are approved instantly whereas in special cases, an expert will assist you till the completion of the process. 

Most commercial Protection Plans come with hidden fees that are levied at a later stage. However, Everything Breaks is clean as a whistle and charges its users an upfront premium with no long-term commitment or hidden fees.

Unlimited claims on gadgets is a special privilege offered by Everything Breaks to its customers.

For example, you have covered your new iPhone under the monthly plan and your kid damages it twice in the said period. In both situations, you simply have to follow the claims procedure and get your phone repaired for free with no additional charges for the second repair. It’s as simple as that!

Past and existing customers of Everything Breaks laud its risk-free cancellation policy because they keep it simple and straightforward: You can cancel the warranty at any time with no questions asked. 

Protection Plans are usually meant to protect brand new appliances and gadgets after the expiry of their manufacturer’s warranty. However, Everything Breaks protects your old gadgets as well. Old equipment has a higher chance of breaking down when you need them the most. Everything Breaks, you will save significantly on such repairs.

Urgent repairs are something that is only possible if you approach your gadget’s manufacturer. Everything Breaks takes of this aspect, too. Let’s consider that your phone switched off suddenly and you need it for an important meeting. In such a scenario, you can rush to any of your nearest mobile repair store that is a technical partner of Everything Breaks. The executives will repair your gadget as per the terms and conditions of your plan. 

  • Active customer service
  • Hassle-free online claims
  • No hidden fees
  • Unlimited Claims for Phone
  • Risk-Free
  • Cancel anytime
  • All plans are continuous until canceled
  • Protect any phone, old or new
  • Local Repair

Why Buy Protection Plan?

Surprising Facts about Electronic Devices Breaks & Repair:

Different types of Protection Plans Offered by Everything Breaks:

  • Cellphones/ Tablets/ E-readers:

It covers nearly every type of damage that you can think of. Any working smartphone is eligible as long as it is actively in use with a carrier. 

There might be situations when you spilled your morning tea on the phone or it just went blank due to an unknown reason. Failure of battery, charging port, headphone jack, and the home button is also covered under this plan. Additionally, you will never have to worry about your pictures getting blurred because Everything Breaks also covers your phone’s camera. 

  • Laptop Warranty Plan

Laptops are prone to failures more often than we think. A RAM failure could cause the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error i.e. your laptop will crash all of a sudden. WiFi errors can cost you the most important deal of your life. Besides, any malfunction of the hard drive might wipe out your important data.

All of these troubles are covered by Everything Breaks along with physical damage such as oil spills. In addition, you can get the charging ports replaced or repaired if you find them to be defective. 

With a low deductible of only $49, the plan must be purchased within 30 days of your laptop’s purchase.

Home Warranty & Total Home Warranty Plan

Can you imagine a day without one of your essential household appliances? Things get tricky and expensive when major repairs are to be carried out on these appliances. 

The good news is that Everything Breaks offers coverage for 17 of your household appliances regardless of their age. Moreover, you can choose to cover four of the major systems such as the central air conditioning system, heating system, hot water heater, electrical, plumbing, and others.

You can get these benefits for as little as $48 per month and can schedule the service on the same day.


Television (TV) is a source of entertainment and information that connects us to the world of glamor and current affairs. Without it, our life would be dull and boring. At Everything Breaks, you can protect your TV for two years in less than $20. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns, speaker failure, screen failure, broken buttons, and power supply burnout are included in the plan.

Coverage is available only for new televisions bought in the last nine months, with at least ninety days left on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics plan is your best bet if you want to cover multiple gadgets and appliances together.

The list of covered items include: Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, eReaders, Televisions, Printers, Desktop Computers, Monitors, Alarm Clocks, Cameras, Car Audio and Video Equipment, Home Audio Components, Home Speakers, Home Theater, MP3 Players, Radar Detectors, External Electronic Computer Accessories, Small Kitchen Appliances including Blenders, Coffee Makers, Electric Kettles, Juicers, Mixers, Toasters, Vacuum Cleaners and more.

You will find a complete list of covered items in the Terms and Conditions of your warranty plan.

Everything Breaks consumer electronic plan includes:

Technology Plan

It covers the three devices that you use the most: laptop, tablet & smartphone! Each and every type of damage is covered for these gadgets.

Let me tell you four statistics that will prove why such plans are worth your investment – 

  • 1 in 3 smartphone accidents result in a cracked screen.
  • Every 3 seconds a tablet breaks down.
  • More than half of all laptop failures occur within the first 2 years of its lifetime.
  • 80% of laptop failures that occur in the first 2 years aren’t covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Appliances Plan

You can pick five of your household appliances and cover them all for less than $25 a month. The appliances can be of any age or brand, and the coverage takes care of mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

An important benefit of this plan is that you can swap the appliances anytime to cover other appliances.

Why Choose Us?

Ask Questions

As a customer, you can reach out to the customer support team directly and ask questions. You can expect to get a reply within 48 hours.

Recurring Order Process

The order process of Everything Breaks is recurring. It means that you will be billed every month until you cancel the plan. You can do this in the My Accounts section of their official website.

As part of their customer retention strategy, Everything Breaks offers a 50% discount to customers who want to cancel their warranty plans.

Claims Process

The process of buying warranty plans is easier as compared to filing a claim. Warranty providers raise a number of queries when you approach them with a claim and you are supposed to answer them all. Otherwise, your claim stands rejected.

You will never have to go through such an ordeal at Everything Breaks. Their customer care executives will guide you through the entire process and complete it in less than 5 minutes on most occasions. 

In addition, there is an exciting offer if you are one of their existing customers. You can share a photo or video with them of your damaged device before and after the claim. Once they post it on their social media page, you can enjoy ONE MONTH FREE on your protection plan. Besides, you can also post a photo or video yourself on their Facebook profile and tag it with @everythingbreaks to get the reward.

What to Expect When You File a Claim?

Everything Breaks has simplified the claims process to just 4 steps and these can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Take a look at them below – 

  1. Get Ready: Keep your receipt and damaged item ready with you before initiating the claims process.
  2. Plan Match: Once you contact their customer care center, the executive will start the process by finding your specific protection plan.
  3. The Details: The executive will ask about your device and the damage or problem. You should describe the problem in detail.
  4. Approval: If your claim is found to be genuine and matches the terms and conditions of coverage, it will be approved instantly. In other cases, a specialist will work with you on the next steps.

That’s it! You can sit back and relax as your device will be repaired and delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

Our Mobile Apps

Everything Breaks has always strived to improve the level of customer engagement using the latest technologies. Its mobile apps, available on both Android and iOS platforms, offer a host of exciting features. Customers can view all the available plans and register their device once they have bought a particular plan. They can also change the payment frequency with a few clicks and cancel the plan in case they don’t require the service anymore.

What Our Customer Says:

Everything Breaks values the opinions of its customers and makes continuous improvements based on the received feedback. Here is a glimpse of how people feel about the brand of Everything Breaks:

What Distinguishes Everything Breaks as a Brand?

A retailer’s plan is expensive and for a limited term. Such plans often exceed 20% of the purchase price of individual products. However, Everything Breaks Smartphone Protection plan is inexpensive and never expires. Even if you replaced your old phone, the plan will cover the new model.

The Everything Breaks Smartphone Protection Plan comes with the added benefit of the Everything Breaks Personal Assistant. It is available 24*7 and you can use it for everything from travel arrangements and restaurant reservations, to traffic conditions and emergency assistance. This no-cost feature is available to you on the app, phone, email, text and online.

You can call our toll free number at 888-994-0914 when your covered gadget needs repair and we will be there to resolve your issues immediately. Our 4-step claims process ensures that your claims are verified and approved without any delay. 

Thus, our transparent pricing policies and unmatched customer service differentiate us from other brands. 

Everything Breaks Protection Plan Comparison:

Before you buy the protection plan for your electronics products, compare with Everything Breaks

Why Protection Plan is Better Than Others:

Mobile / Smartphone Protection Plan:

iPad Protection Plan:

Protection Plan for Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Microsoft Surface, Tablets/eReader.

Protection Plan for Laptop, Chromebook, Dell, MacBook:

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Everything Breaks Review With Discount Coupon Code 2022

To conclude, I would say that Everything Breaks provides Extended Warranty & Protection Plans for electronic devices like Smartphones, Tablets, E-readers, Laptops, Appliances & Television which no other company does so perfectly.

So! Don’t Wait and Try It Today!!

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