GetLeadForms Review 2023 : Is It The Best Lead Convertor In The Market?

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Need an honest opinion whether GetLeadForms or LeadForms is the right choice for you or not confused whether GetLeadForms would be worth paying or not? If yes, you are at the right place.

GetLeadForms provides you with all of the tools necessary to create high-converting lead forms that convert more website traffic into qualified leads.

Here, in this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about GetLeadForms that will help you decide whether it is right for you or not. So, stay with me to the end. 

What is GetLeadForms?

GetLeadForms is a multi-step lead generation solution that assists in engaging, qualifying and converting more website visitors into leads. Whether the user is an SEO or PPC marketer, a small company owner, or works in-house, GetLeadForms will assist in generating more leads, demo requests, and sales from the existing traffic.

How Does GetLeadForms Work?

Step – 1: Select a Starting Template:

They provide hundreds of templates for each business to assist you in getting started quickly. And they’re always expanding!

GetLeadForms Review 2023 : Is It The Best Lead Convertor In The Market?

Step – 2: Customize Your Lead Form To Your Website’s Look and Feel:

Change the colors of your form’s background, buttons, and form style, among other things!

Step – 3: Include the following qualifying questions in your form:

Your LeadForm will only ask one question at a time, allowing you to gather even more information about your leads without jeopardizing conversions.

Step – 4: Configure your form to appear as a pop-up on page exit or to be integrated directly into the page:

GetLeadForms provides integrated/inline forms, exit popups, timed popups, and click popups, among other features.

Step – 5: Indicate where GetLeadForms should deliver your leads:

Email, SMS, CRMs and email systems (Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, etc. ), Zapier, Google Sheets, and even webhooks are all possible options.

Step – 6: Simply copy and paste your lead form onto your website or landing page:

There are several methods for copying and pasting your LeadForm onto your website. You have the option of using a basic one-line embed code or producing complete raw code for faster load times and further customization.

Step – 7: Consider the following metrics and conversion rates for each step:

With some of the most powerful form analytics available, you can see the source of prospects, how long it takes for prospects to complete each step, and where prospects get stopped in your form, allowing you to optimize for conversions.

Step – 8: To Increase Leads, Test & Adjust in Real Time:

Through A/B testing, you may continue to grow your LeadForms lead count even after it is launched.

Major Features and Benefits of LeadForms

Additionally, conversion features include the following:

Conversions will increase as a result of built-in social proof, personalization, and more!

1. A/B Split Testing:

Conduct simple yet effective A/B tests to increase lead generation and conversions.

2. Analytical Services & Insights:

Gain real-time insight into the performance and step conversion rates of your form.

3. Notifications via Email & SMS:

Instantly notify yourself of new leads through email or SMS.

4. Webhooks:

Create webhooks to automatically post leads to custom systems and even multiple systems at the same time!

5. Email and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrations:

Utilize Zapier or one of our native integrations to send leads to your email service.

6. Access to the whole raw code:

Generate a raw code version of your form for improved performance and customization.

7. Targeting at the page level:

Segment traffic and leads by page. Add more pages and more.

8. Lead Capture Forms That Are Fully Customizable:

Customize every aspect of your forms: fonts, backgrounds, steps, and questions, among others!

9. Forms Embedded/Inline:

With a single line of code, embed your multi-step lead form immediately into your landing page.

10. Popups with a Timer:

Create timed pop-up windows and categorize your pop-up settings according to device type.

11. Technology for Exit Popups:

With their departure pop-up feature, you can engage users as they leave your website.

Major Benefits of GetLeadForms for Agencies and Developers

1. Integrate GetLeadForms Easily With Your Client’s Technology Stack:

Connect GetLeadForms to your client’s website and landing pages using the GetLeadForms API (WordPress, Unbounce, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and more).

Leads from the form may be easily transferred to your client’s CRM, email, and marketing automation systems. GetLeadForms integrates with your systems in a variety of ways – from direct integrations to webhooks and even Zapier!

2. A/B testing may help you generate even more leads for your clients:

Create simple 50/50 split tests and experiment with every aspect of your client’s LeadForm to continue increasing conversions even after the form is launched. Additionally, if you’re white labeling, you may utilize A/B testing to upsell your customers on conversion rate optimization services to boost income.

3. Provide your customers with comprehensive analytics:

With built-in form analytics, you’ll always be aware of the performance of your client’s LeadForm and where to improve. View drop-off rates by step, monitor visitors’ progress through the form in real-time and get wiser insights – such as where leads originate and which devices prospects use. All of this data may be exported to a CSV file and shared with your customer as part of your weekly or monthly reporting.

4. Create forms quickly and easily with your white-labeled Lead Form editor, no technical knowledge required:

The LeadForm Builder simplifies the process of developing your forms, allowing you to quickly create and recreate high-converting lead forms on the go. You may join your complete staff, establish subaccounts, and even bring your customers into LeadForms via white-labeling.

5. Instantly provide leads to your customers, enabling them to complete transactions quickly:

Nothing suffocates prospective transactions more than a lack of follow-up. When a new lead is created, GetLeadForms will send a white-labeled lead notice to your clients through SMS and/or email – this way, your clients may convert a higher percentage of the leads you provide them.

6. Increase Website Visitor Engagement and Convert More Clicks Into Leads:

Along with scheduled pop-ups and exit-intent technologies, GetLeadForms provides an onsite widget that may be placed in the right or left-hand corner of your client’s website. This widget, when clicked, launches the LeadForm. Simply embed the LeadForm widget across your client’s website and watch as more conversions flow in.

7. Improve client leads:

GetLeadForms makes it absurdly simple to create LeadForms that ask more questions while maintaining a high conversion rate. This means you can finally get more detailed information on your customer’s incoming leads, which means you’ll never have to hear your client remark, “the leads aren’t good enough!”

8. Create Forms That Clients Will Appreciate:

Clients like forms created with GetLeadForms because they are more engaging, better appearing, convert at a greater rate, and generate more quality inbound leads. What’s the greatest part? You may white label the whole platform with your name and logo, ensuring that you get full credit for the work.

9. Your personalized dashboard:

With White Labeling, you may offer LeadForms directly to customers or include them as a value-add in your business. Create your custom-branded dashboard on your website. Their White Label LeadForm Builder is ideal for in-house marketers, agencies, and website developers.

New! Email Notifications with Additional/Conditional Information

Depending on the prospect’s answer, you may route contributions to certain individuals. For instance, if your LeadForm provides an option for the prospect to talk with sales and the prospect picks “Sales,” your form may now route the lead exclusively to your sales staff.

Additionally, you have control over the message’s style and may include the prospect’s email address in the reply-to section of the email, allowing you to react to new leads directly from your email notification.

Typical Application Scenarios & Key Features

  • Customize the email’s HTML/CSS
  • Include leads in the “reply-to” field so that you may answer directly from the lead notice.
  • Based on a response, route lead notifications to different clients. For instance, if you’re passing leads to multiple service providers, each of whom has unique lead requirements, you can specify who receives the lead and who does not.
  • Distribute lead notifications to various individuals within your organization. For instance, if a prospect chooses “Sales” on your contact form, only members of your Sales team will be notified.
  • Email-only the most qualified leads. For instance, if someone clicks “No” to indicate that they are ineligible, you may block this lead from being delivered to your receivers.

At the moment, this new functionality is accessible to all LeadForms customers, independent of plan level. Instructions for setup are available through the link below.

GetleadForms Pricing

They have 4 pricing plans to offer – 

  • Growth Plan ($ 197 per month): This includes up to 2500 leads per month ($ 0.08 per lead), 15 domains, and a lot more. 
  • Plus Plan ($ 97 per month): This includes up to 1000 leads per month ($ 0.10 per lead), 6 domains, and a lot more. 
  • Pro Plan ($ 67 per month): This includes up to 500 leads per month ($ 0.13 per lead), 3 domains, and a lot more. 
  • Starter Plan ($ 47 per month): This includes up to 250 leads per month ($ 0.19 per lead), 2 domains, and a lot more. 

How GetLeadForms is the Best Alternative to LeadFormly? 

While Leadformly is shutting its doors, they will remain available to current users. The crew will be available to assist its consumers. However, here are some reasons why you might reconsider remaining with Leadformly.

  • Leadformly’s innovation has ceased, and the product will no longer improve for you. The creator has previously said that there are more suitable options.
  • While it is commendable that they will continue to assist current clients, all further product development has ceased. Be prepared for your forms to break when technological standards develop.
  • If they have stopped accepting new members, their expansion will come to a halt shortly. When yearly turnover is added to zero growth, it’s just a matter of time until Leadformly is entirely shut down. Making the change is unavoidable.

Unlike Leadformly, they are constantly reinvesting earnings in GetLeadForms R&D and developing a handful of new conversion-boosting features each month.

We are not a rip-off of Leadformly, and they do not prioritize business above quality or customer satisfaction – simply look at their templates to see some unique and inventive features like the onsite message and personalization that you will not find anywhere else.

The bottom line is that we are committed to this endeavor for the long haul. We honestly feel that lead forms have not been optimized to their full potential for service organizations and lead generation firms. We’re creating something incredibly unique and incredible, and we’d love for you to join us.

GetLeadForms has many of the same features as Leadformly, including templates and a Zapier connector.

GetLeadForms Pros and Cons

GetLeadForms Pros

  • Custom post URLs, webhooks, anti-spam protection, API access, and bulk deployment are just some of the features available!
  • Are you in need of assistance or are you pressed for time? They provide all customers with complimentary setup and form design.’
  • Observe visitors as they complete your forms in real-time!
  • Conversion rates for each stage of your form are shown, allowing you to optimize for conversions.
  • Receive lead alerts through email and SMS – there are no extra charges for utilizing SMS.
  • Personalize your website’s forms to delight your visitors.
  • A/B testing may help you increase conversion rates across all of your LeadForms.
  • Save time by quickly spinning up new LeadForms using template-based creation.
  • Create as many LeadForms as you like. There are no restrictions here!
  • Send as much traffic to your LeadForms as you like.
  • Gain access to the LeadForms builder and dashboard, which will allow you to manage all of your LeadForms in one location.

GetLeadForms Cons

  • None

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