Giá tiêu hôm nay ngày 14/5/2023: Giảm mạnh vào cuối tuần

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Update the latest information Pepper prices today May 14, 2023. Pepper prices today, May 14, were reduced and moved sideways after adjusting the version. Over the past week, domestic pepper prices continuously fluctuated strongly.

Pepper price today 14/5 in the domestic market has reversed and tended to move sideways after 2 sessions of downward correction. Currently, the focal price at the viewpoints around the lamp is 72,000 – 75,500 VND/kg.

Accordingly, in the Central Highlands region, pepper prices are currently fluctuating around 72,000 – 73,500 VND/kg. Specifically, in Gia Lai, today’s pepper price was purchased by commercial drivers at 72,000 VND/kg. In Dak Lak and Dak Nong Provinces, pepper prices today remained stable around 73,000 VND/kg.

Similarly, in the Southeast, today’s pepper price did not change. Currently, today’s focal price in Ba Ria Vung Tau is being driven by commercial vehicles at 75,500 VND/kg. In Dong Nai and Binh Phuoc, pepper prices are also at 75,000 VND/kg.

Giá tiêu hôm nay ngày 14/5/2023: Giảm mạnh vào cuối tuần 1Giá tiêu hôm nay ngày 14/5/2023: Giảm mạnh vào cuối tuần 2Pepper prices today remained stable

Thus, today’s pepper price does not change. During the past week, domestic pepper prices continuously adjusted to the left when increasing sharply at the beginning of the week and decreasing in the last 2 sessions of the week. In which, in the Southeast, pepper price decreased by 2,000 VND / kg, in the Central Highlands, 1,500 VND / kg.

On the world market, at the end of the most recent trading session, the International Pepper Community (IPC) listed a reduced price for Indonesian pepper. Accordingly, Lampung black pepper price (Indonesia) closed at 3,565 USD/ton, down 0.2%; Muntok white pepper price was 6,043 USD/ton, down 0.22%;

For the rest of the countries, benchmark prices are flat. Specifically, the price of Brazilian black pepper ASTA 570 is at 2,950 USD/ton; Kuching black pepper price (Malaysia) ASTA kept at USD 4,900/ton; Malaysia ASTA white pepper price remained at $7,300/ton.

Vietnam black pepper price is trading at 3,500 USD/ton with 500 g/l grade, 550g/l grade 3,600 USD/ton; white pepper price at 5,000 USD/ton.

The International Pepper Community commented that the pepper market last week had a quite positive outlook when no market reported a decrease. Accordingly, Indian pepper prices were reported to be stable this week. Meanwhile, Indonesia headline is reported with an upward trend this week. Meanwhile, Indonesian white pepper prices are stable.

The decline in output, along with the continuous appreciation of the Indonesian Rupiah to the USD, will help this country’s pepper prices increase in the future. Expert review, they have now implemented a trade currency system that can be redirected from USD.

Meanwhile, FOB prices for Brazilian pepper exports have increased by 400 – 500 USD each way over the past week, with incentives still very limited despite huge demand abroad. According to the report, selected farmers are prioritizing the coffee harvest and are expected to wait until July before focusing on pepper.

Standard price list today May 14, 2023



Driver’s purchase price (VND)

Increase/decrease compared to today

Chu Se (Gia Lai)



Dak Lak



Dak Nong



Binh Phuoc



Dong Nai


75,000 won

BA Ria Vung Tau



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