How to unlock Havik in Mortal Kombat 1

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For the most part, the main questline in Starfield won’t challenge you too much in terms of puzzle solving. Missions usually boil down to achieving an objective, fast traveling to a location, and following your marker until you pick up an artifact. Since you can only unlock all of the powers by going through the main quests, you’ll at least want to complete most of them before you go and do any faction missions, outpost building, or general space exploration. However, there is one mission that can get in the way if you aren’t particularly careful and invested in reading all the lore. If you don’t know the answers to how to open Pilgrim’s computer in Starfield, here is all the information you need. Answers from Pilgrim’s computer

Once you arrive at Pilgrim’s Rest and explore, you’ll be taken to a small base filled with notes, among dozens of other items. Your goal is behind a locked door that asks you several questions that you should learn the answers to by searching and reading all the notes. This is not a door you can lock no matter how high your skill level is, so choosing the right answers is the only way forward. Here are all the questions you will be asked and the correct answers:

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