How to Write Longer Posts on X (Twitter)

How to Write Longer Posts on X (Twitter) - networth, wiki, biography
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Sometimes you need more than 280 characters.

In late 2017, X (formerly Twitter) doubled the number of characters allowed in posts from 140 to 280. However, for some users, 280 characters is still not enough. So, if you have something important to say, you need to know how to write longer posts on X. So, here are some easy ways to do that.


1. Upgrade to X Premium

Among other benefits of upgrading to X Premium, the subscription allows users in the United States to write longer articles. By subscribing to the paid version, the character limit for your posts increases from 280 to 25,000. This also applies to replies and quotes, so you won’t have to worry about exceeding the 280 character limit or having to create a thread.

However, you won’t be able to schedule longer posts or save them as drafts. Although you’ll have to pay for an X Premium subscription, using it is probably the easiest way to get longer posts because you won’t have to bounce back and forth between X and third-party sites.

2. Take a screenshot

This is a simple yet effective solution for posting longer posts on X. Using screenshots to write longer messages is a growing trend. You may have seen people using “cheats” in your own timeline.

The principle is very simple. Use any of the best note-taking apps for Android or iOS and write what you want to say. Just make sure it all fits on one screen. Next, take a screenshot of what you said and fire up app X. Tap the new post icon and attach the screenshot to your post. You don’t even have to write any text, although adding alt text will help increase accessibility. When you’re ready, tap Post.

However, this method will not allow you to edit your posts on X.

3. Create a topic

Twitter thread

Not long after the increase to 280 characters, X launched the ability to thread posts. This feature allows you to create a series of connected posts and display them in a continuously scrolling format when viewed through the app. It’s a way to post longer thoughts and ideas without relying on external apps and tools.

To create a topic on the app, start composing a lesson in the usual way. When you’re ready to write your second post, click the + button.

You can post the entire thread at once by clicking the Post All button. You can also add more posts to a topic later by selecting the post and clicking the Add More Posts option below it. Click the More icon (three horizontal dots) to continue older topics.

4. Use ControlC

Control longer tweets

ControlC is a great way to share any extended content with many people online; it’s not specific to X. That said, it’s a great tool to use for longer posts on X.

ControlC provides text formatting, meaning you can edit font size, text style, text color, etc.

So this is a great way to quickly share longer content beyond a few simple sentences. For example, perhaps you want to share some technical instructions or detailed instructions and need to highlight certain parts of the text.

To use the app, write and format your text in the box on the screen. When you’re ready, click Send and you’ll receive a link to share with others. Unfortunately you can’t send links to X directly from the web app.

5. Use Tweet Compressor

tweet compressor

We’ve all written posts that are a few characters too long and end up scanning the text over and over again for any small savings we can find.

Instead of doing the hard work yourself, you should just paste your post into the Tweet Compressor page.

It uses unicode to replace specific two-letter combinations with single characters. The compressible combinations are:

  • cc
  • multiple sclerosis
  • ns
  • PS
  • IN
  • ls
  • fi
  • fl
  • ffl
  • ffi
  • iv
  • ix
  • Because
  • Oh
  • ii
  • xi
  • nj
  • period followed by a space
  • comma followed by space

For those who don’t know, Unicode is an IT standard that allows for consistent encoding of all writing systems in the world. In total it has nearly 150,000 characters. Tweet Compressor uses single-character unicode substitutions such as Roman numerals and scientific abbreviations.

Learn more about how to use X and build your reputation

Thanks to these simple ways, you can post long-form content with ease. While subscribing to X Premium is probably the easiest option, you can use other methods if you don’t want to pay to write longer articles. Learning how to write longer posts is just a small part of becoming a power user of X. However, there are plenty of other tips for beginners that will help you get more out of social media apps. and build your reputation.

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