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Made in Chelsea: Bali all from Indonesia is heading to E4 on December 20, 2022. And it will bring back several OG stars for the cast, including Emily Blackwell (and a few unfamiliar faces).

So after the stormy relationship with Harvey Armstrong that took place in the previous season of the series, Emily returned to the screen again with a new girlfriend named Jordan Alexander. So, in the rest of the text, we will discuss who is the new boyfriend of Emily Blackwell.

made in chelsea: Meet Jordan Alexander, Emily Blackwell’s new boyfriend

Emily Blackwell has gone Instagram official with Jordan Alexander after being teased in the new trailer Made in Chelsea: Bali. Yes, Jordan appears in this new E4 project as Emily’s boyfriend.

Regardless, after showing off a series of photos from what appeared to be a romantic getaway, the new couple received the seal of approval from not only Emily’s best friend, Miles Nazaire, who revealed his romantic feelings for her during the final season. from the show, but also from her co-stars Tiffany Watson and Sophie Habboo.

Since this new man, Emily has been seen several times on social networks. They recently celebrated Christmas together, and before that, in November, Jordan wished her a happy birthday from Bali.

Prior to that, Emily left her ex Harvey after he cheated on her. Harvey apparently slept with another woman behind Emily’s back and lied about it before she caught him with the incriminating shot. He and Emily had been together for two years when this happened.

All of this is now in the past, as Emily has gone ahead and also talked to OK! Magazine (in October 2022) on not holding a grudge against your ex. In fact, looking at the bigger picture, she thanked him for tricking her. Because, she said, “now he is much happier with the right person.”

Meanwhile, Harvey has broken down and vowed to get his Emily back in the episode. made in chelsea which aired in April 2022.

Jordan Alexander Age

Jordan Alexander was born in 1990. So, he turned 32 in 2022.

jordan alexander work

Since January 2019, Jordan Alexander has been working full-time as General Manager at AEJ Consulting Ltd.. AEJ Consulting becomes a London and Reading-based recruitment consultancy dedicated to finding and delivering talent within technology and transformation, sales, consulting and finance.

Jordan, on his LinkedIn, writes that he is proud to a) lead a highly motivated and professional recruiting business b) be responsible for defining the vision of AEJ Consulting c) execute the overall strategic vision and lead its agile and efficient workforce, etc.

He then goes on to cite that he received recommendations from Greg Newman, CEO of Onyx Capital Group, the world’s largest oil exchange liquidity provider, and several others. Greg was Jordan’s client.

Long before embarking on this journey with a recruitment consultancy, Jordan studied at Epsom College (2003-2008).

Is Jordan Alexander on Instagram?

That. You can find Jordan Alexander on Instagram @jordan_alexander24, with 105 posts and 7,668 followers, as of December 25, 2022.

Additionally, Jordan was featured regularly on her popular Instagram beauty’s personal blog @emily.blackwell_ where she entertained a whopping 340k followers.

The Jordan Alexander family

Jordan Alexander’s mother is Jilly Adéle Oldershaw. She can be found on Instagram @jilly_adele, where she mentioned that she is “a mom to Lauren, Jordan, Lucas and Millie.” A former student of Carisbrooke High School, she lives in London, UK at the time of writing. Also, she is originally from Newport, Isle of Wight, her birthday is on the 28th of September.

By all accounts, Jordan is a “mommy” boy, which is why he regularly shows off his beloved mom on social media.

In addition, Jordan is also the son of Keith Edward Oldershaw, who turned 64 in July 2022. According to his LinkedIn, he was a director of a company in Systems 4 Recycling for the last nineteen years or more.

The family also includes Lauren Adéle Smith-Bernal and Lucas Oldershaw, Jordan’s siblings. Lauren is the creative and brand director of juice blacksmith. On IG @lauren.adele.smithbernal, she is married to Richard Smith Bernal and together they have a young son, who Uncle Jordan likes to point out. Lauren turned 35 on August 26, 2022.

As for Lucas, he celebrates his birthday on February 17. He studied at Epsom College and was based in London, as were his parents, as of December 2022. Additionally, Jordan’s younger brother “Pookie” turned 28 in 2022.

Emily’s girlfriend also introduced her maternal grandmother, Jean Underwood, and maternal aunt, Suzanne Boxell, to her people on social media.

jordan alexander height

Jordan Alexander is 5’10”.

Related FAQ

  • When is Jordan Alexander’s birthday?

Jordan Alexander celebrates his birthday sometime on the 24th and sometimes the 25th of August. Either way, he still becomes a Virgo.

  • Where is Jordan Alexander from?

Jordan Alexander was residing in London, England, United Kingdom at the time of writing this article. He was probably also born and raised in this place.

  • How much is Jordan Alexander net worth?

Jordan Alexander reportedly had a net worth of less than $350K as of 2022.

If you also need to know about his salary, expected the average salary for a CEO to be around £87,164 in the UK.

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