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kevin rinke net worth

Early on, Kevin Rinke resisted becoming a car salesman, but the third-generation auto dealer now takes pride in selling cars “professionally.”

“When I was a young kid, I was embarrassed about the connotation of a car dealer. Over the years, I realized that I could create a professional environment. I didn’t have to be the guy in a striped shirt and plaid tie. … We have very low employee turnover, and I believe it’s because our employees have the authority to make decisions,” he said. “We don’t tolerate cheating, stealing, lying or anything illegal, but we do everything possible to help the customer. We made the automobile business a profession.”

With 202 employees in three dealerships, Kevin Rinke’s company is one of the top-ranking GM sales operations globally. His Pontiac dealership is the biggest in the world, the Cadillac business is No. 3 in the nation and the Toyota franchise is No. 3 in Michigan, he said. Revenue in 1999 was more than $300 million.

He came on board the family business in 1983 after graduating from Michigan State University and assumed management in 1988 when his father retired from day-to-day operations.

Rinke grew up in the car-dealing business. At age 10 he was a gofer, then learned to wash cars, change oil and every aspect of the company. He is proud that Rinke is the oldest GM dealer in Michigan; it was started by his grandfather in 1916.

Beyond maintaining long-term employees, Rinke has plans to expand his company by partnering with United Auto Group and Roger Penske. Rinke will be in charge of the Midwest and add numerous dealerships in Michigan under the Rinke name.

“We didn’t have the financial resources to go out and do that as an individual retailer,” Rinke said. “We will possibly expand into Ford, Chrysler, BMW and more.”

Rinke is also a player on the political spectrum, helping develop and pass Michigan dealer franchise legislation with dealer organizations.

He lives in Birmingham with wife, Janine, and children Amanda and Grant.

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kevin rinke net worth - Top 11 best results

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