Kick Stake owners were reportedly hacked for $41 million

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Popular crypto gambling site Stake is believed to have been hacked, who are responsible for over $40 million from their various wallets.

Australia-based crypto gambling website Stake has gained immense popularity over the past few years by sponsoring various Twitch streamers – sparking controversy over gambling on the platform.

Since then, various Stake owners have gone on to create a rival streaming platform, Kick, bringing the likes of Trainwreck and Adin Ross to the site.

Stake is said to have been hacked on September 4, 2023, losing over $40 million in the process through various blockchain wallets.

Stake is said to have been hacked for $41 million

As shared by CoinDesk, Stake suffered multiple “suspicious transactions” on September 4, initially seeing only $16 million removed from the company’s blockchain wallet.

Blockchain detectives Cyvers Alerts and ZachXBT confirmed the funds transferred between wallets, and Zach even discovered another series of transactions in which Stake lost more than $25 million in BSC and Polygon tokens.

Immediately after the hack was discovered, Stake is said to have suspended all deposits and withdrawals from the online platform.

This is presumably done to prevent any further transactions while they keep an eye on the various wallets that may be holding their coins.

It is unknown how – or if – this will affect payments on Kick or whether the suspension of withdrawals will only affect actual Stake website users.

We’ll keep you updated as the information is announced, but in the meantime you can visit our entertainment for more news and other viral stories.

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