Liver King confessed that he was back on steroids

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After his previous exposure to steroid use, fitness trainer Liver King promised to come clean, however, he has publicly admitted that he has returned to using steroid supplements.

Famous Instagram trainer Brian Johnson, also known as the Liver King, was exposed in November 2022, after a leaked email revealed that he was spending more than $10,000 per month on anabolic steroids .

The controversial fitness creator has been met with widespread criticism, as his claim to fame stems from his promotion of a natural primal lifestyle to enhance health benefits, focusing on the practice of eating raw meat, such as Liver, hence the name.

It was even reported that he was sued for $25 million for “cheating” clients with steroid use, by fabricating physical benefits from his natural lifestyle. .

After the scandal, Liver King admitted that despite going 220 days without a performance-enhancing drug, he revealed he was back on steroids.

Liver King admitted to using steroids again

In a video posted to his YouTube account on September 1, Brian talked about his journey in the first place, all the way to why he’s on steroids.

He shares his opinion and experience without drugs for 220 days: “I don’t like the idea of ​​losing more than 20 pounds of muscle. I don’t like the idea of ​​losing so much strength that has become a reality.”

This eventually led him to use steroids again: “I decided to go back on it, I was taking testosterone. It’s a cream. I make three clicks on it every day. I am also taking growth hormone injections.”

Liver King stated that he would use steroids and performance enhancing drugs in the future, as he promoted the use of “technology” regarding performance enhancing drugs and combined this with “ more natural ancestral way of life.

Regarding the previous scandal, he said: “The pledge that I have made to my sons, to my family, to all the pristine people out there, is that I will never lie again. ”.

Liver King previously confessed in an apology video that he had in fact used steroids and admitted he lied.

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