Lộ bộ mặt thật của đối tượng Đường Văn Thái

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Police of Ha Tinh Province have just arrested a person named Duong Van Thai as an illegal scene. Note that this name overlaps with a person who often spreads false information against the State.

The case of Duong Van Thai, who was recently arrested for illegally entering Vietnam without identification papers, has received a lot of public attention.

Specifically, on the afternoon of April 16, Ha Tinh Police said they had just discovered and arrested a man who illegally entered the locality through trails and openings in the border area (in Son Kim 1 commune, District 1). Huong Son) should give a headquarters for clarification.

Lộ bộ mặt thật của đối tượng Đường Văn Thái 1Lộ bộ mặt thật của đối tượng Đường Văn Thái 2Arresting subject Duong Van Thai was arrested when illegally entering Vietnam (illustration)

Initially, the subject confessed his name was Duong Van Thai (born in 1982), his hometown was Ha Lam 3 village, Thuy Lam commune, Dong Anh district, city. Hanoi.

Notably, the recently arrested subject Duong Van Thai has the same name and hometown address as a Youtuber who regularly appears on social networks with the name “Thai Van Duong” (hereinafter referred to as Thai Van Duong). Subject Thai Van Duong regularly uses social networks to post rhythmic discussions, moderate information, equipment, and damaging information with the goal of sabotaging the Party and State. According to some sources, recently, the Thai Van Duong statue has been taking refuge in Thailand.

Regarding the subject known as Thai Van Duong, he was born in 1982 and was born in Ha Lam 3 village, Thuy Lam commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi. Since 2001, Thai Van Duong has joined the trade union in Ha Lam 3 village. In 2009, Thai Van Duong worked as a contract at the Land Fund Center of Dong Anh district – Hanoi. In 2013, Thai Van Duong took the civil service exam but did not pass and resigned. From 2016 to 2017, Thai Van Duong studied for a Master of Land Management in Seoul, Korea. From the end of 2017, Thai Van Duong returned to underground water in Ho Chi Minh City.

Lộ bộ mặt thật của đối tượng Đường Văn Thái 3Lộ bộ mặt thật của đối tượng Đường Văn Thái 4The object of Duong Van Thai, another name on social networks, is Thai Van Duong, who specializes in device information, falsely opposing the Party and State.

During his schooling, Thai Van Duong made friends with many elements that opposed the Vietnamese State. After that, Thai Van Duong in turn participated in illegal group meetings such as the Association of Independent Journalists, the Democratic Brotherhood and conducted many anti-State activities. Thai Van Duong also created and participated in the operation of the “Servant’s Tent” group on the social network Facebook, regularly posting and spreading false images and information about the houses and family backgrounds of officials. leader. Thoroughly, many times Thai Van Duong also benefits from issues such as the incident caused by Formosa to incite riots.

Thai Van Duong is still the main character of the group “You own the distance”. This group received hundreds of millions of support from reactionary organizations such as the Viet Tan Party, the Vietnamese Democratic Party, and the Government of Vietnam to organize trouble at BOT Cai Lay.

Recently, Thai Van Duong tried to escape to Thailand to wait for political asylum in Western countries. While on the run in Thailand, Thai Van Duong continuously posted misleading, offensive, and false information about hot conditions in the country… in order to blacken the State for the goal of gaining power. fighting abroad allows you to seek asylum in a third country. On the other side, in Thailand, Thai Van Duong also regularly posts articles, misleading information, and hard truths related to businesses, entrepreneurs, and the private lives of leaders in an attempt to sabotage the State and earn money. Illegal money, personal gain.

Currently, information about Duong Van Thai, who was just arrested for illegally entering Vietnam, is Thai Van Duong, an exiled reactionary living in Thailand or not. Huong Son district police leaders have not yet determined and given information. or the authorities will provide detailed information later.


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