Love is Blind: What happened to the Jackie/Monica feud?

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Love is Blind After the Altar focuses on the drama between former best friends Jackie and Monica from season 4. But what caused the feud in the first place?

Tensions flare in Love is Blind After the Altar, when Jackie and Monica reunite. In the Netflix special, which brings back all of its former co-stars, fans learn that there is an invisible involvement from the groups that have never been aired.

The engagement was said to be between Monica and Joshua, who were together in the group. Time passes and now Jackie is in a relationship with Joshua. But when Monica posted on Instagram about her previous engagement, Jackie was furious.

Why did Jackie and Monica break off their relationship in Love is Blind After the Altar?

According to Jackie and Monica, they were close friends in the early stages of the reality show. But things got messy when fans discovered both women were dating the same man: Joshua. In fact, Monica was briefly engaged to Joshua when he proposed to her in the bedroom, but she ended up breaking up because she felt “twisted” about her feelings for him.

Eventually, Jackie and Joshua started dating after Jackie revealed that she and Marshall were simply not compatible. The couple has been together since then, but insecurities arose since Monica posted about her previous engagement to Joshua on Instagram.

In the post, Monica wrote with the caption:

During the After the Altar special, Jackie questioned Monica about the post, calling her an “influence hunter” and “messy” for revealing details of her failed engagement to Joshua.

Many fans were quick to defend Monica, unable to understand why Jackie was mad in the first place.

One viewer took to the Love is Blind Reddit thread to voice their thoughts on the matter. They wrote: “Sorry, but if it sends you into a tailspin because someone talks about their PAST relationship with your man, from BEFORE you were dating, then that relationship probably Not very durable.”

Stay tuned for more Love is Blind only on Netflix.

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