Love Island Games star Cely reunited with her ex and completely smitten him

Love Island Games star Cely reunited with her ex and completely smitten him - networth, wiki, biography
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Love Island Games saw a shocking reunion between exes Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks, and it went as well as expected.

The Love Island Games have officially begun, with alumni from around the world coming together for a star-studded season of the popular dating show.

Hosted by Maya Jama herself and airing on Peacock, the show follows former contestants as they return to the villa for another chance at love.

And there were plenty of heated moments to deal with — Cely Vazquez reunited with ex Johnny Middlebrooks, only to then roast him.

Love Island USA season 2 runner-up Vazquez and Middlebrooks publicly broke up in January 2021. Years later, the two are now settling their differences after coming together for the first time since their split messy hands.

“I thought I was going to see you here but I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Middlebrooks said, citing concerns surrounding whether Vazquez would “stand still.”

“What did you expect based on how we left things?” Vazquez asked before flirting with his ex. “You ran to Instagram to post s**t… knowing full well we broke up at the Cheesecake Factory [because] you’re not paying for my damn nachos after I paid for the whole trip to Hawaii.”

Despite Middlebrooks’s attempts to object, Vazquez was not finished speaking his mind; “If you’re going to say, ‘We’ll work things out on good terms,’ then run to fucking Instagram to talk shit because you can’t handle it* *don’t like a grown man into and carry on, that’s crazy.

“So to do all that… instead of calling me and talking to me, like, I can’t even put it into words, I’m shocked that you think our interactions Then be cordial or calm after you leave,” Vazquez says. And viewers clearly supported her.

“She stole that car and left him the bill,” one person wrote on TikTok. Another said: “Just go Cely!! Still my favorite Love Island season ever because of her! Really, nachos, man? [Come on] man.”

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