Love Island USA cast celebrates Bergie’s 24th birthday

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Bergie Bergerson from season 5 of Love Island USA just celebrated her 24th birthday. The rest of the islanders are celebrating his special day on social media.

Bergie Bergersen has always been a fan favorite on Love Island USA. Entering the villa, the audience sees his wholesome personality as a breath of fresh air compared to people who usually enter the villa.

The Wisconsin-born reality star played the role of the underdog throughout season 5 of the series due to her lack of luck in relationships. Luckily, his wish to find someone came true and he is now happy with Taylor.

Today, he is celebrating his 24th birthday, and the rest of the islanders have nothing but kind words for their old friend.

The cast of Love Island USA celebrates Bergie’s 24th birthday on social media

One of the best parts of Love Island USA season 5 is seeing friendships blossom in the mansion. Even though it’s a date drama, there’s no denying that some of the best on-screen relationships this season are completely platonic.

Some of the best friendships formed involved Bergie Bergersen, whom the cast felt extremely protective of. This was especially true of Hannah, who had always protected Bergie during their time at the mansion.

To celebrate his special day, Hannah shared footage of their cutest BFF moments via her Instagram story. She captioned the footage as “Happy birthday to the only Bergie. Have a nice day, my friend!”

Other co-stars left heartfelt birthday wishes for their fellow islanders, including Taylor. She commented on his Instagram post, writing: “I am so happy to have you in my life and so excited for our future! I wish I could be with you to celebrate your special day but can’t wait to see you soon.

As for Bergie, he created his own birthday post, writing about how far he’s come this year.

“Finally I accomplished everything I wanted and more!” Bergie wrote in the caption. “I met Taylor and our relationship continues to grow and I can’t wait to see what this year brings for us! Thank you @loveislandusa, thank you family for always supporting me and thank you all! The 24th is going to be a great year!!!”

Happy birthday, Bergie!

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