Masters Of The Universe’s Most Tasteless Meme Is Now Canon

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Warning: The following contains spoilers Masters of the Universe: RevelationPart 2, Episode 1, “Split into Twains.”

A throwaway line from the premiere episode of Skeletor Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2 A reference to the infamous meme about the heroic warrior Fisto.This effectively makes the joke official canon master of the universe environment. Given that the show’s creator, Kevin Smith, is known for sneaking adult references and puns into his movies, it’s almost impossible that this line isn’t an intentional nod to this long-standing fan joke.

Introduced as part of Wave 3 of the original master of the universe Fisto is known for his oversized metal fists. The original comics and cartoons never revealed whether Fisto’s fists were gloves or prosthetics, but the 2002 animated series established that his hands were cybernetic in origin and that he was the brother of the armed warrior.Fisto also had a non-speaking cameo in one of the films Masters of the Universe: Revelation Easter Egg.

Fisto promoted to speaking role Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2, His voice is provided by Ralph Garman, who co-hosts the show Hollywood nonsense Kevin Smith’s Podcast. When the skeleton cast his grim visage over the city of Eternos, dark clouds blotting out the sun, Festo was one of the heroic warriors present. This prompted Fisto to raise his famous fist in anger, declaring “I really want to hit him with my fist!

While it’s clear from the context that Festo meant he wanted to fight skeletons, “fist“Has a completely different meaning, as a slang term for a certain sexual act. This has made Fisto something of a joke to some people. Seaman Fans, memes and fan art have been dedicated to honoring Fisto and how he truly earned his reputation. The most famous of these is a modified panel from the mini-comic Clash of Arms, in which Festo, standing in for the wounded Festo, says “I fight hard, He-Man, but I can’t beat them all,“he seemed to be saying”I pumped my fist hard, He-Man, but I couldn’t punch them all!

Fisto talks about his wishes “fist“The skeleton is Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the second installment premieres, “Split Twain,” co-written by Kevin Smith. While it can’t be said with certainty that Smith approved of the infamous meme, as the series’ story editor, he certainly takes responsibility for the joke’s slippage.While this statement is in questionable taste, it seems unlikely to spark further controversy Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

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