McDonald’s employee explains why she ignores drive-through customers

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A McDonald’s employee is going viral after explaining why she chose to ignore some slightly impatient customers while driving past.

While fast food restaurants can guarantee that one’s food will be served promptly, it is impossible to deliver a burger and McFlurry to someone without manual assistance from your child. People.

McDonald’s workers not only assemble food for the restaurant but also take orders. And like any person, people expect respect from those they are dealing with while on the job.

Sure, McDonald’s customers may feel that they are entitled to ‘fast food’ and quick service, but for impatient customers at a particular McDonald’s location, they will have to wait a little longer because it can’t be done: wait.

Unsplash: emil huang A McDonald’s employee reveals why she doesn’t tend to serve certain customers while driving past the store.

TikTokers side with McDonald’s employees over ‘impatient’ customers

For a TikToker who works at McDonald’s, ‘Happy Meal’ is more than just what it sounds like, as she believes customers should be patient and kind when ordering from the eatery where she works. .

While having to wait behind multiple cars in a passenger line might make someone nervous, the McDonald’s employee, who goes by the moniker maccasworkaddict on TikTok, has his own way of dealing with people with that ‘nasty’ part.

Since working at McDonald’s, the TikToker has encountered customers she has refused to serve or take orders from, she sarcastically captioned her now-viral TikTok video, “You don’t may continue to ignore the car driving just because they shout ‘hello’ as soon as they get there.”

People who have seen her TikTok have been quick to side with her story and say, “This is why I don’t work at McDonald’s anymore. I can’t deal with customers screaming at me every two seconds, I’ll lose patience.”

Another shared their experience: “The driver approached the speaker box and less than two seconds later, when I was about to greet them, they drove up to the window and said ‘speaker not working.’”

One McDonald’s employee even said she would scream, “Wait a minute” until the customer stopped talking.

Although many TikTokers felt that maccasworkaddict’s actions were warranted, some still urged McDonald’s employees to be patient and said: “Why don’t you say, ‘Wait a second, I’ll be fine with you.’ I said ‘hello’ because I didn’t know if they knew I was there or not.”

The McDonald’s employee nicknamed “maccasworkaddict” on TikTok was asked by the Daily Dot to comment on her experience with impatient customers, but has yet to issue a statement. And while there are always two sides to the same story, one thing is for sure, McDonald’s will continue to do well despite occasional customer dissatisfaction, as its annual revenue capped at about $23 billion. USD in 2022.

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