OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

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If you think about all this, online arbitrage does seem to be a straightforward industry where you can simply locate goods at cheap rates from retailers and then offer them for a profit on Amazon.

Dropshipping can be a profitable industry, as shown by the fact that several drop-shippers earn six to seven figures. Few drop shipping businesses, on the other hand, fail to get off the ground.

They don’t do their homework and therefore are not ready for the different obstacles that the company’s environment throws at them, and thus they fail. Plus, with so many people interested in trying their hand at dropshipping (which can be done at just $39.99 per month), the competition is tough.

When a market gets more challenging, you must operate at peak productivity to maintain a competitive advantage. This is why, in an attempt, to be successful, preparing yourself with the most possible tools is a must.

You will require inventory and order management systems like OAGenius. In reality, without this program, your dropshipping company will not be able to compete in today’s market.

Bottom Line Upfront: OAGenius keeps a track of prices and inventory levels, repricing listings as appropriate, and modifying the quantity available. With the plethora of features and amazing integrations and automation, I would consider a top choice for Amazon and Walmart marketplace. Try OAGenius For Free For 7-Days. 

What is OAGenius? OAGenius Review

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

OAGenius is a collection of resources that assists arbitrage dealers in finding deals listing goods, managing inventory, tracking costs, and fulfilling dropship orders.

Loads can be organized, earnings can be calculated, delivery monitoring can be automated, customer support notes can be created, and shipments can be searched. List and link your inventory quickly for streamlined and automatic operations.

Get information on specific SKUs or suppliers, such as profitability, order amount, refund rates, and more often. The app allows you to list items on Amazon that include features such as combinations, sets, and bundling several items into a single ASIN.

What can you do with OAGenius? Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart

The program keeps a track of the prices and market rates, repricing listings as required, and adjusting the amount available. It keeps track of a product’s available stock through approved retail sites and changes the volume of your list according to that.

On your supply platform, halt and relist products as they come in and out of supply so that you can adopt a calculated method of preventing the ‘out of stock products from being offered.

The inventory management tool helps in importing your shipments, source order IDs, and costs, as well as pull, tracking numbers through your suppliers and verify your deliveries on Amazon.

In addition to this, the price tracking function works with informed. co, a repricer. The price monitor scans the source pages for their most current pricing and then sends the revised true amount to the repricer.

You will be free to commence your higher and lower thresholds for each product based on the desired benefit, Return on investment, and more if it is properly installed under your informed. co approach.

The OAGenius sourcing extension would favor both satisfied retailers and FBA sellers. Try visiting a product or category section on one of their supported origin sites, and the application will show you similar goods, costs, and cost disturbances to help you figure out what is important.

Products Offered by OAGenius 

OAGenius assists arbitrage dealers in identifying the opportunities, listing goods, inventory management, monitoring costs, and fulfilling drop shipping orders.

The resources have been designed in such a manner that they make it simpler for you all to perform the required main tasks which are as follows:

Quick Compare: Try comparing supplier prices to the latest Buy Box and the cheapest FBM or FBA prices. Approximate shipping fees and sales tax are included.

Advanced Filters: Optimize your search queries to only display those goods that meet your sales rating, gross profit, return on investment, and other criteria.

Purchase and Sale: With just a single tap, connect winning items to your purchase list, then export the file or single click listing to the OAGenius Sage managing inventory.

Presently, OAGenius provides two strong marketing resources that could be used either individually or in combination.

  • Gravity is a product sourcing extension that assists the consumers in locating profitable goods and analysing feasible products in large quantities. It’s compatible with both the FBA and FBM.
  • Sage keeps a track of returns and market levels, reprices lists as necessary, and updates the quantity available. And it also has the ability to place orders automatically.
  1. Gravity – Source Products Like a Genius

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

Amazon sellers can identify attractive product options faster and more accurately by using the OAGenius sourcing extension.

  • Scan: Discover valuable items quickly with the help of OAGenius features when visiting any of their supported sourcing websites.
  • Compare: Quickly start comparing a supplier’s cost to the cheapest FBM or FBA prices and the latest Amazon Buy Box costs. After calculating  all the Amazon selling fees, the quick assessment involves sales rank,  profits, Return on Investment, and net profit.
  • Sort and refine : Filter your search results page to find the items that meet your Amazon sale rating, approximate FBA or FBM gross profit, Return On Investment, and other parameters. To remain completely concentrated on gains, provide projected shipping charges and sales tax in all estimates.
  • Sell / Purchase : With just a single tap, connect winning items to the “buy list,” then transfer and carry it with yourself, or connect with your online arbitrage inventory control system.

At present, Gravity is integrated with:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Zoro
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Hardware And Tools
  • Boscovs
  • Blain’s Farm and Fleet
  • Home Depot
  • Overstock
  • Costco
  • Vitacost
  • Mills Fleet Farm
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart
  1. Sage- The fastest and most accurate 24/7 monitoring software on the market

List goods, automate stocks, keep an eye on the costs, control staff, fulfill the orders, and interpret information. To ensure that you are purchasing cheap and trading in  higher prices, coordinate inventory and prices between source suppliers and Amazon.

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

Sage is currently compatible with the following companies:

  • Zoro
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Blain’s Farm and Fleet
  • Vitacost
  • Boscov’s
  • Costco
  • Overstock
  • Hardware and Tools
  • Club
  • Home Depot
  • Mills Fleet Farm
  • Sam’s 

List Products

  • Items can be listed on Amazon and in the system at the same time, with the support for varieties, packs, and product packages
  • Gain control over each of the product’s starting prices, delivery charges, and processing time.
  • You can support variations, packages, and bundling several items into a single ASIN. 
  • Auto-assign shipment to your goods depending upon the free shipment thresholds which are set by the suppliers.

Management and delivery of orders 

Automate time-consuming measures which include placing orders and tracking orders to speed up the delivery procedure. 

Never sell items that are out of stock

When products just go out of stock on any of your sourcing websites, immediately stop and re-list them on Amazon. 

Make the procedure more effective

Their software cuts down on the amount of all the time-consuming measures involved in placing an order and automatically confirms delivery.

Simplified Returns

Using only a quick upload template, you can overcome Amazon’s auto-authorized returns in a very simple manner.

Filter and export your data

Orders and items can be searched by different attributes, as well as a real-time report can be produced. For detailed research, CSV exports are open.

Synchronization Systems

Using their upload templates, you can link your current Amazon inventory and connect with other tools for a smooth business administration.

Manage Inventory

  • Track a product’s remaining inventory through approved source sites and modify Amazon’s stock levels instantly.
  • You never have to think about your out-of-stock products or manually changing usable stocks. As products come in or out of inventory on the sourcing platform, stop and re-list them.
  • Monitor what further stock to list depending on the availability of your sourcing platform.

Monitor Prices

  • Maintain your Amazon competitiveness, even though your prices adjust. They make certain that you will never sell at a loss.
  • Streamline the time-consuming process of finding the current cost prices for each product and synchronizing it with your repricer.
  • Developed API integrations make it easy to link data with the price in real-time. For each one of your manufacturers, adjust parameters like sales tax and shipping prices

Handle Returns

Suppressing auto – authorized returns and accounting for reimbursement, fines, and P&L with previously built uploaded layouts available to use.

Collaboration & User Management

Keep a track of your employees with time-saving staff tracking features.

  • Adjust user controls to enable proper reporting accessibility or prevent access to lists, goods, and orders, when required.
  • Without anyone ever gaining access to Seller Central, sourcing workers can list instantly on Amazon and OAGenius with only a single tap.
  • Streamline your processes and speeding up assignments by leaving messages for your colleagues about deliveries and items.

OAGenius Plans & Pricing

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

OAGenius uses a product-based pricing system. They offer a one-week free trial that can be canceled any time. As no credit card information is needed for the free trial period, there is no risk of auto-debit or secret of undisclosed expenses.

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

This connection will take you to the sign up page where you can fill out your details.

  • Gravity: There is only a single package available to consumers.
  • Sage: Users can choose from five different plans to meet their specific needs.

All the services are available to you. There are no long term deals. You have the authority to withdraw at any time. The plans include 5 users ($15 per month for each extra user) and further $300 per month for every 5000 new listings

For the next 7 days, you will have complete access to all of their services. You will be capable of handling orders, listing items, and so much more.

You don’t need a credit card until you decide to continue after your free trial period has expired. You will be astonished at how the company survived without you by that time!

Major Benefits of using OAGenius

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

1. Know Your Stock

If there’s any aspect that’s obvious, it is just that Amazon shoppers become irritated whenever their orders are not delivered on time. When it comes to selling, customer feedback is very important.

Poor comments reflect poorly on your business, resulting in a lower level of interest in your items. Long shipping periods resulting from the sale of ‘out of stock products are almost always a surefire way to get poor feedback.

The bad publicity is just the starting if you are unable to satisfy a sufficient number of orders and have to refund more than 2% of them, your Amazon profile will get deactivated.

It requires a methodical strategy to prevent the sale of ‘out-of-stock products. This expensive circumstance is explicitly addressed by the OAGenius inventory control techniques and strategies.

OAGenius should be a necessary tool for dropshippers because it tracks inventory across authorized online stores and changes listings appropriately.

Based on whether your products are in stock or out of stock on your sourcing page kr website, a successful Amazon dropship inventory control system will reduce and relist them.

You will never have to struggle with inventory mishaps ever, and you will never have to manually tweak the stock list using OAGenius. This helps in saving time, as well as the risk of suspension and needless customer complaints.

2. Keeping Track of Price Changes

Your company is expanding, and your inventory of products for sale is expanding to levels you never expected. Furthermore, Amazon’s prices are constantly changing.

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

That is to say, no two prices are just the same. As a dropshipper, you are still struggling for the best deals and the Buy Box that is the ‘Add to Cart’ box that is responsible for nine out of ten of Amazon’s purchases.

You could use a price monitoring system to enable your costs from increasing too high for sale or falling too low to earn any profit. If you are working with 5 or fewer products, you can individually monitor source site prices.

If you don’t want to spend any extra time and cost in monitoring products without any additional help, you will require automation when your inventory starts to grow.

Fortunately, OAGenius does have a price monitoring function that connects to informed. co, a repricer (formerly Appeagle) with the help of API.

The OAGenius price monitor scans the source website for even the most up-to-date prices and then sends the revised entire value to the repricer.

You will be capable of setting your low and high limits for any product based on the expected benefit (percentage), Return on investment, and much more if these are set up correctly in your plan.

You will save hours per week setting up your maximum and minimum sale limits if you use a price control that connects with your repricer through API. With several clicks of a mouse, listings can be classified and repriced in a matter of seconds.

The uses expert strategies and validated technology with the aim of providing you with the most affordable updated prices.

3. Managing Orders Without the Headaches

When you just launch your company, you can manage your limited number of regular orders by using a spreadsheet.

When you get past the early phases and keep going bigger amounts of product, inventory management becomes one of the biggest challenges.

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

OAGenius’ flexibility allows users to quickly arrange their shipments, measure income, optimize shipment monitoring into the application and Amazon, configure order status updates, make customer support notes, and check for orders.

Furthermore, single SKU reports or manufacturer-level data, namely profitability, order amount, refund rates, and a lot more, are easy to access in the application or through CSV export.

You and your employees will not only save your hours of labour and hundreds of dollars in labour costs and management by using OAGenius, but you will also be able to operate quite smoothly and effectively, giving you peace of mind.

Rather, you will concentrate more on growing your company and living the good life you have always wanted. Don’t be a slave to your work!

4. Finding the Right Items

You should be selling things that are profitable. But sadly, locating these items will take up a lot of your time, effort, as well as your money.

What if there is software that could simplify this process by allowing you to discover useful items 25 times faster than you could if you did it manually?

When you are using OAGenius’ item sourcing extension, you get all of this. You could quickly search source retailer sites in bulk, find valuable items, and compare them to the same kind of product on Amazon.

You may search for products based on the expected profit, sales ranking, and return on investment.

Both FBM/MFN (fully met by the seller) and conventional FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) retail arbitrage sellers would benefit from the sourcing extension.

OAgenius has saved me and also a lot of time and effort. I used to use webscraperapp, but this is a totally different category. Price and inventory management are extremely reliable, and order tracking and optimization saved my team all of the time and effort.

Sales and organization have improved. This application is truly the foundation of our company.

Why do we recommend OAGenius?

OAGenius is very quick and efficient, and it assists me in boosting revenue and profits while minimizing all the out-of-stock problems and keeping all pricing adjustments under control.

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

Price history is indeed a useful tool for observing shifts and locating problematic goods from different sources.

When it comes to placing orders and listing items, this application is fantastic. OAGenius is a price monitoring and re-pricing technology that works flawlessly for several suppliers.

Its ability to monitor shipments is incredible. There’s no way to be concerned about the Out of stock products being sold because the site gets upgraded every 3 to 4 hours.

When it comes to updating the source price, you can count on them to be really precise. I work as a virtual assistant and I am extremely delighted to have discovered this tool. The program astonished me on the very first day.

This program allows me to save both my energy as well as money. Rather than recruiting a VA to execute the orders (that can be a risky thing), OAgenius does that for me, thus removing all my tension and worries about my credit and debit cards!

The idea that it also checks every order, saves a lot of my precious time!

The application is also quite easy to use. When I first purchased this tool, it really was simple to use. Order processing is very user-friendly because you can quickly adjust the order status and insert and update the order information.

Its automatic delivery monitoring and approval capabilities remove the necessity of manual verification of shipments. I don’t have to go to the Seller Central to insert listings because OAgenius delivers the information to Seller Central instantly.

I don’t have to fill out all the appropriate fields when handling orders because the system will retrieve the details automatically from the specified email.

It will also immediately check to ship in Seller Central whenever the order gets delivered, so you don’t have to stress about late deliveries or invalid monitoring. It also alerts me for all the “back in stock” orders, which I appreciate.

OAGenius Alternatives and Competitors

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

It’s a robust collection of powerful resources that assist Amazon sellers in managing their business while saving time and resources. The application also comes with a Chrome extension that includes a number of useful tools and services.

If you plan to sell on Amazon, Helium 10 is among one of the most common and detailed tools you will need. Our readers would be able to take advantage of a special deal. 

  • BuyBotPro

BuyBotPro is a virtual purchasing assistant for Amazon FBA online arbitrage with a powerful chrome extension. It makes an analysis of hundreds and thousands of data points to get deals for sellers.

It tests qualifications, private label status, Hazmat, opponent stocks, and the estimated sales as an FBA calculator and purchasing assistant. It even measures VAT and exports contract data to a Google Sheets purchasing list. 

OAGenius Review 2023: Is It The Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

Jungle Scout is an application that helps you to evaluate a variety of attractive Amazon items and assist you in earning a consistent amount of money through your business.

An Amazon seller may use the Chrome Extension to get a quick overview of important product specifications for a particular product niche.

FAQs On OAGenius

💥Why should I start dropshipping on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace is currently growing, which indicates that there are still plenty of chances for dropshippers to make a lot of money. Many more clients have discovered that a secondary cash flow to their already established Amazon company is a huge success. We have seen a significantly large number of people who are new to dropshipping, moving to Walmart Marketplace, which is less affordable at present.

✔ How can I sign up with OAGenius?

It’s very easy to get going with OAGenius! You can just begin by registering for a free trial version. You will be asked to include your contact details before downloading the Chrome extension. Afterward, you will become eligible to try Gravity for 7 days. Gravity was created with the aim of making product sourcing real quick and simple. There is no need for any past experience!

🔥 Why would I use Gravity if I already know how to source products?

Gravity can assist you in obtaining the knowledge you need more quickly than a human could. It’s just that easy! Furthermore, they will also supply you with all of the details which you will require in order to list the item as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will be ready to boost your operations and sell much more valuable products even though you are still sourcing successfully.

👀 Where can I sell the products I find with Gravity?

Gravity completely supports Amazon and Walmart sales. As a result, you may sell items on both Walmart and Amazon Marketplace. By adjusting the configurations inside the extension, you can decide to use Gravity for Walmart Marketplace, FBA or FBM.

👉 Is Sage easy to use?

Yes, indeed! Sage is a very user-friendly application, and they also provide video training features to make you learn each function and usability within the package of resources. Each customer can also schedule the time with a professional performance trainer as per their preferences, who will guide you through the program so that you use it efficiently.

👍What is Auto Ordering and how does it work?

OAGenius also offers a state-of-the-art Auto Ordering feature which is also accessible through a Chrome extension that can be used with Sage to position all the orders of your Amazon store where the supplier is Walmart. This means, if you are selling on Amazon and use Walmart as your supplier, you will be able to use the complete power of this extension. You can learn more about the Auto Ordering feature on its landing page.

🔥 Does OAGenius offer any video training for the software?

Yes, absolutely! OAGenius also has an extensive video library that has been curated to assist you in getting started with Sage and Gravity. The OAGenius team recommends you try it out during your trial period so that you can get up and running quickly.

✔ How do I stop TBA tracking?

You can now replace your TBA tracking information with a valid tracking number that suits the individual on the order’s city and state. You have the option to convert the letters TBA if they appear in the tracking number area. Converting it will confirm the shipment on Walmart with a legitimate, in-transit tracking number that will be sent to the order’s destination city and state. Within OAGenius Sage, the order will be labelled as delivered.

💥 Who all can use OAGenius?

Sage and Gravity are used by the most successful Amazon and Walmart sellers to operate their businesses at scale. You must be an active dropshipper on either Amazon or Walmart Marketplace in order to use the app. If you have not yet started your dropshipping venture, send an email to [email protected] and they will send you some tools to get you started.

🔥How often will Sage check price and availability changes for my products?

Sage checks for price and availability changes every 45 minutes on an average by default. You even have the option to switch the tracking interval to 5 minutes, if you use Walmart as a supplier and benefit from the quickest sync times in the dropshipping world.

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OAGenius Review Conclusion: Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon & Walmart?

OAGenius is a collection of resources that assist arbitrage sellers in looking for opportunities, listing goods, inventory management, tracking costs, and fulfilling dropship orders.

The Lister uploads items to Amazon or synchronizes current Amazon inventory to store items in bulk. Variations, packages, and bundling of several items under one ASIN are all supported.

OAGenius keeps a track of prices and inventory levels, repricing listings as appropriate, and modifying the quantity available. As your company grows, you will soon realize that doing manual tasks will not get you anywhere.

It’s wasteful, time-consuming, and unreliable. As a dropshipper, your performance and success are determined by how efficiently you run your company. Therefore, investing in precise and effective software automation should be a must.

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