Oksana Kolenitchenko- Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career

Oksana Kolenitchenko- Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career - networth, wiki, biography
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Oksana Kolenitchenko is a Russian businesswoman, musician, social media personality, and influencer. She updates her social media accounts periodically. She rose to fame after appearing in the tenth season of ‘Deutschland Sucht den Superstar’ in 2013.

Fast facts

Birth name Oksana Kolenitchenko
Mother Earth Moscow, Russia
Current home Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Birthday October 10, 1987
Age (as of 2023) 36 years old
School local school
Education Graduate
Job Businesswoman, singer, media face and influencer
Zodiac sign Pound
Nationality German
Religion Christendom
Net worth $1 million dollars
Career caucasian white

Oksana Kolenitchenko’s Age and Early Life

Oksana was born in the largest city in Russia, Moscow. She was born on October 10, 1987 in her parents’ home. The artist is 36 years old (as of 2023) and was born under the sign of Libra. She and her parents moved to Berlin when she was a child. Kolenitchenko was born in Moscow and has German citizenship.

Oksana completed her primary studies at her local school. He enrolled in a well-known institution and completed his higher education there. Kolenitchenko was previously interested in university activities. He participated in music concerts with his friends and bandmates, depending on his musical profession. Oksana’s voice received a lot of praise.

Oksana Kolenitchenko Height and Weight

Oksana’s height is 1.63 meters (5 feet 4 inches). Kolenitchenko maintains a body weight of approximately 62 kg (136 lb). She is obsessed with looking beautiful. She transforms ordinary clothes into elegant dresses that look more expensive than they are. Kolenitchenko takes great care of her health and visits the doctor regularly.

Oksana KolenitchenkoOksana Kolenitchenko

Oksana Kolenitchenko’s Net Worth

What is Oksana Kolenitchenko’s net worth? Kolenitchenko simplifies his life after founding his own company. He also makes money from his singing and modeling careers. Oksana likes to live carefully instead of flaunting her wealth by purchasing unnecessary items. Occasionally she offers discounts on her products. She also makes a good living from her web company. The artist charged between $30 and $35 for each product. Oksana’s net worth is estimated at 1 million US dollars.


Oksana began her musical career when she was 14 years old. She had her first performance in Germany before a large crowd. According to rumors, her band, Oxan & Julia G, was banned from the Internet for legal reasons. Kolenitchenko made her film debut with her first documentary, ‘RTL2’. According to online sources, she was a contestant for the band YOUMII. She later joined the band High Heelz. She had great success on stage with the girl band after performing in front of the Brandenburg Gate in 2009.

He founded his own company when his children were born. She named her store ‘Milari’ in honor of her two children. She offers clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, masks, swimsuits, home appliances and other stylish and fashionable items. Oksana and her husband also ran the Berlin nightclub ‘The Pearl’. However, after a few years, they sold the club and opened the ‘Next Door Lounge’ bar in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, in 2019.

Oksana Kolenitchenko Boyfriend and Dating

Who is Oksana Kolenitchenko dating? Oksana met Daniel Kolenitchenko when she was 16 years old. Daniel is a well-known businessman and media personality. They met for the first time unexpectedly. They decided to start dating after a few years of friendship. Oksana and businessman Daniel got married in 2012. They have both lived happily together since their wedding day. On her Instagram profile @oksana_kolenitchenko, she always posted her husband’s birthday. According to her social media, she and her boyfriend Daniel will get married for the second time in July 2022.

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