One Piece Enters Hiatus Ahead of Final Saga (But Confirms Return Date)

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Warning: spoilers One Piece Chapter 1051!

along with pieceIn the action-packed Wano storyline, creator Eiichiro Oda decided to follow in the footsteps of his star character, Luffy, and take a step back for a break.

Hiatus is nothing new in the world of comics, with many major series having long breaks between arcs.exist pieceTake the epic conflict between Luffy and Kaido, for example, before continuing with the series’ finale. It makes perfect sense as the series will continue for several years to come. The year is coming to an end. Thanks to the fans, and in the context of past suspensions, pieceFunctionally, his absence was a blip.

Official tweet on June 7 piece Eiichiro Oda announced on his Twitter account, piece Chapter 1053 Later this month, the comic will go on hiatus from June 27 to July 25, 2022. For fans, however, the most interesting reason Oda lists for needing a break is that it gives him time to think about and plan for the manga’s continuation. The final chapter, confirming past comments that the series might end in 2025/26. With Luffy’s Unit 5 transformation granting him godlike powers, the defeat of two of the Yonko of the Sea – Kaido and Big Mom – and the World Government’s growing vulnerability and concern over Luffy’s transformation, the story It was clear that a critical juncture had been reached. .

However, with Oda announcing the final chapter of the manga, it is undeniable that the writing is on the wall. Fans no longer have to guess what other stories could be told. Instead, the new focus of fan debate will likely turn to how Oda will resolve the many unanswered questions along the blue line, such as what will happen when Luffy meets red-haired Shanks again. As the tweet states, this break is necessary to give Oda time to prepare for the upcoming 25th anniversary. piece Animated movies released in July and August One Piece Movie: Redand a tour of the set of Netflix’s live-action adaptation pieceas well as the numerous appearances, talks and meetings necessary at these events.

While a month-long break may not seem like a long time to American comics fans, where a month between issues is standard practice, Oda has published about three comics in just over a year. piece One chapter per month, or one chapter per week in some months.Now, the manga is coming to an end, and one month may not be long enough piece Fans need to get used to this fact.

source: One Piece Official

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