Poker Face season 1’s ending explained

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Not since then Columbo have we seen a twisted detective story, a structure known as a “howcatchem”, told in such an exciting way. The first season of the murder mystery series An expressionless face, which has already been renewed for a second season, began with a fast-paced story that set the stage for an eventful journey across the US. Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) has an incredible talent: she is a human lie detector. She can look into someone’s eyes and her instinct tells her if they are lying or telling the truth, with almost flawless accuracy.

Through a series of events in the first episode involving wealthy billionaires, murders and the reputation of a prestigious casino going up in flames, Charlie goes on the run. Of course, they chase her, but the real story is what happens to her along the way.

What happened in the first season of Poker Face?

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As Charlie tries to get as far away from trouble as possible, she takes odd jobs and meets an eclectic mix of people each time. Coincidentally (and morbidly), each stop involves the death of someone she befriended. And each time, Charlie uses her talents and amateur research to solve the crime and catch the killer. Are the stories in An expressionless face convincing? Not. Is the show standard? That. But it’s also deeply entertaining and gets better with each unique episode.

Events go from Charlie using lottery ticket serial numbers to catch a murderous young man named Jed (Colton Ryan) in a lie to Keyser Soza performing her own moment to realize that a young drummer who mysteriously died (Nicholas Cirillo) actually wrote the song a song that his former band tried to pass off as their own (thus giving them the perfect motive to kill him). In most cases, it’s not hard to spot clues along the way that point Charlie in the exact direction he needs to go to solve the whodunit. But it’s also fun to play along with the detective.

As Charlie travels and encounters one death after another, the main story is woven into the plot. In episode 2 (Night shift), the head of security at the casino, Cliff (Benjamin Bratt), manages to find Charlie after she uses the ATM. But a friend she meets along the way (Megan Suri) suspects he’s the problem and lies that Charlie has gone west to California. In episode 6 (Exit Stage Death), he finds her once again, but loses her again in the hustle and bustle of the busy theater scene.

Unique stories

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Each episode has its own unique story, setting, and even look and feel, moving from comedy to soap opera, horror to action. That being said, Charlie’s odd jobs on the road are also varied. He goes from working at a Texas barbecue joint to performing on stage for a rock band, helping out at a retirement home, serving drinks at a theater, working in an arcade, and even helping out a reclusive and retired special effects artist (Nick Nolte). She meets everyone from a former rock star (Chloe Sevigny) to two older, radical hippie criminals (Judith Light and S. Epatha Merkerson), an egotistical race car driver (Charles Melton) and a selfish film industry executive (Cherry Jones).

As the episodes go on, there’s less and less Charlie and more “before” stories about the guest stars, while the stories also seem to get darker and far more intense. The show starts as Columbo but every now and then it ends up being something more similar Black mirror.

Everything comes at a cost

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In the penultimate episode Escape from Mount Govan, Charlie almost meets his maker. With more of a horror movie feel, she literally crawls out of the hole and finds herself badly injured in a cabin in the woods with two men who could very easily kill her.

Despite teasing death at the hands of the unflappable Trey (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Charlie once again thinks quickly and grabs his ankle bracelet, which leads straight to her and several other dead bodies in a secret “hole in the tree.” She is seriously injured and will be in the hospital for at least a few months to recover.

But there’s a bright side: realizing that the police think her new friend “Mortimer” (Everything everywhere and at onceStephanie Hsu) was her, Charlie is on top of the world, convinced that she is considered dead and can stop living in fear. That is until, in the last episode of the season Hook, she was told that her hospital bills had already been paid in full. Confused, she finds Cliff patiently waiting outside for her release. There is nowhere to run.

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Believing these will be her last moments, Charlie lets herself go until she comes face to face with Sterling Frost Sr. only to find that he means her no harm at all. He was secretly recording his son’s conversations and knew that the junior was working behind his back and making a deal with a rival casino that his dad never told him he was working with. Frost sees this as an opportunity to cut his own deals and has his secret weapon Charlie in the room with him to ensure he gets a fair shake.

She agrees, but before the proverbial ink is dry on the deal, the casino lights go black, a gunshot rings out, and the new gun that Charlie just got as a gift and pointed in Sterling’s direction presumably goes off, killing the wealthy casino mogul.

How does the first season of Poker Face end?

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Charlie knows she didn’t kill Sterling, but the evidence against her is significant, including her fingerprints on the gun and video of her pointing it at him before the lights went out. Luckily, Charlie still has the number of Agent Luca (Simon Helberg), the FBI agent she met at the retirement home. He liked her (perhaps because of the flirtation?), grateful that her information helped him solve several cases and raise his profile in the bureau.

In perspective from the side, it is revealed to be Cliff’s work. All along he was working with the rival Hasp family, switching weapons and setting up Charlie to be Pope. It takes Charlie a while to figure this out, but it doesn’t matter because the FBI is looking for Cliff anyway after hearing tapes of him confessing to killing Natalie (Dascha Polanco) and her husband. He turns on the Hasps, which clears Charlie’s name.

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He is offered a job with the FBI for the second time, but turns it down again, just before he receives a call from the head of the crime family that owns the Hasp Casino. The woman knows about Charlie’s unique talents and gives her one last chance to save herself: come work for them or else.

Charlie doesn’t look worried. She is excited to continue her journey on the run, and fans are ready to join her. It’s the perfect setup for Season 2, where we can expect more of the same with even juicier storylines and, more than likely, an even more impressive roster of guest stars.

You can stream season 1 An expressionless face on the Peacock.

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