Pokimane criticized Bowblax for accusing her of creating pornography

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Twitch star Pokimane has hit back at YouTuber Bowblax for accusing her of creating pornographic content, even though she did not.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most followed female broadcaster on Twitch and one of Twitch’s top ten streamers overall.

Over the years, she’s had to fend off speculation about her dating life and criticism about her appearance — from going makeup-free in a viral stream to explaining why she would never sharing her love life with her fans, Pokimane has been staunchly protective of her privacy and has stood up for herself.

Unfortunately, she, like many other female streamers, had to take extra measures to ensure she wasn’t the victim of an ‘escalation clip’, where viewers would capture a moment of fantasy. seemingly harmless during a woman’s livestream (like her stand-up or turn around ) and use it for… other reasons.

Instagram: PokimanelolPokimane is responding to YouTube star Bowblax after he misinterpreted one of her short YouTube videos.

Pokimane responds after Bowblax takes her down on a YouTube Short

On July 31, Pokimane posted a humorous video to his secondary YouTube channel poking fun at these types of incidents. In the upload, she ate a banana – but each time she took a bite, she turned off the camera so viewers couldn’t do anything to disobey the clip.

Poki is essentially poking fun at her situation and subtly pointing out the lengths she has to go to to avoid ‘escalating episodes’. However, one creator doesn’t seem to receive the message.

On X, popular YouTuber Bowblax posted a screenshot from her video, writing: “Poki complains about incel teens having sex with her and then uploads this content to her YouTube channel hers”.

Bowblax’s post received a Community Note, in which the user pointed out that he may not have seen the entire clip, which makes it clear that she wanted to avoid being sexualized by turning off the camera during these moments. mundane moments are like eating a banana.

Pokimane responded to his post, saying in a retweeted quote: “Glad to see stupid actions like this cooked up in quote rts.”

“Ironically, the clip is about me turning off the camera every time I take a bite. He couldn’t even watch a 30-second clip, which ended up being a joke, before tweeting angrily, laughing loudly.

Bowblax apologizes after criticizing Pokimane

Bowblax eventually admitted his error in a follow-up post and stated that he was leaving his original tweet alone because he did not want to “hide his criticism or cover up his mistakes.” “.

“Okay, I’m fucked up here,” he wrote. “I saw this video on my short feed and thought it was one of those weird ‘Hot Pokimane’ type videos from a clip channel because of the title, then was surprised when it came from the main Poki, so I tweeted about it without looking very briefly.”

“I will leave this tweet because I do not want to hide from criticism or cover up my mistakes. I have a problem with tweeting too impulsively and getting into trouble. I don’t hate Pokimane, I just feel uncomfortable thinking that she would do what she spoke out against.”

This is not the first time Poki has quarreled with Bowblax. The streamer is notorious for copyrights – having claimed ownership of a video from the YouTuber in 2019 – and it seems the two creators haven’t gotten any friendlier since then.

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