Quire Review : Best Collaborative Task Management Tool To Check Out

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If I ask you a couple of questions and tell you to answer them in TWO WORDS, will you be able to?

Let’s check.

What’s the most important thing that can make your work systematic and faster?

How should you maintain a balance between all your important projects?

What is the key ingredient behind a seamless working experience?

The answer is Task management!

Yes, Task management.

Why? Because it saves time and improves work efficiency.

Today millions of people around the world work on Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc., and so they need tools to help them do their work easier and quicker.

One such important tool you should use for easy and hassle free task management is Quire.

Competing toe to toe with big boys like Trello, Asana and Wunderlist, Quire has been in the field of task management for quite some time now and is performing great. So let’s talk more about this task management tool. Check out Quire detail review in this post below 

Quire: Introduction and specialties

Quire Review : Best Collaborative Task Management Tool To Check Out

Quire is an easy to use collaborative cloud-based task management tool that allows you to easily jot down your ideas, plan your projects, and collaborate on your tasks. You can work collaboratively among different team members even if they are physically not present with you. This product allows you to build tasks in a tree-type model and you can thus plan and organize tasks in a better way. This tool makes your work and project task management much simple, manageable and hassle free.

Quire’s user interface is very intuitively designed such that the tree structure model helps you in recognizing and organizing tasks and subtasks without any extra efforts. The tool has a very friendly learning curve and you don’t require any special training or software knowledge to use this tool. The app has a hierarchical structure that allows you to create as many tasks you want.

You can easily manage your daily or scheduled tasks, project management, team’s task management and effective planning for getting quick results. The changes you or any of your team members make in the respective projects is dynamic and managed by the app server in real time. So you will be up to date as and when anywhere any changes are made.

Important features

There are many useful and important features that Quire offers to its users. Many of them can really come in handy when working on a project that involves a team. Here are a few important ones you need to know.

  • Unlimited nested tasks and subtasks.
  • Snapshot your inspirations and turn them into tasks via Camera on the iOS app.
  • Use Siri to add ideas or tasks on the iOS app.
  • Push notifications on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Filter to focus on just a few, specific tasks.
  • Assign a task to multiple members
  • Manage tasks you care about from different projects at once with Smart Folder
  • Reschedule, recur, reassign, and reorder the to-do lists.
  • Flexibility of  tags functionality that helps you flag important projects and tasks.
  • Chat with your friends or colleagues and stay connected regarding the projects in real-time.
  • Support for Google Drive. Upload or download files to and from Google Drive.
  • Chrome extension lets you get notified of updates to Quire without being in the browser.
  • Keep a track of all modification history of each task.
  • Active community of users.
  • It is currently free. No subscription charges involved whatsoever.

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Major pros and cons

Quire has some nice candy features to talk about and it actually proved to be a very useful tool for task management. I’ve personally used this tool for over a month now and these are a few important pros and cons I came up with.


  • Simple, and easy-to-use intuitive user interface.
  • Fast and powerful.
  • Hierarchical tree structure to-do list.
  • Tags, priorities, and status for tasks.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Roles & permissions control for members.
  • Instant messaging between team members per task.
  • Due dates, notifications and reminders.
  • Revision history for every task.
  • Integration with Siri and Camera on the iOS app.
  • Integration with Google Drive and GitHub.
  • Chrome extension available.
  • Friendly and prompt customer support.


  • Upload a file up to only 5 MB in size.
  • Limited integrations.
  • No Gantt chart.
  • No Android native app yet though it is smooth in the mobile browser with PWA.

My verdict ?

Quire offers some really cool task management facilities that even some of the leading task management apps don’t offer. The first thing is that it is free with no monthly or annual subscription costs involved. The app will help you to manage your tasks in a much better and efficient manner. The Chrome extension will let you keep a track of all your tasks and projects on the move.

The highlight focus of Quire is the simplicity and ease of project collaborations. Plus your entire team can also chat and edit projects. Google Drive support provided is gold. It would have been great if they rolled out a native app for Android devices as well. There are few drawbacks the app has, but altogether, Quire is a must have app if you have challenging projects and want to accomplish them seamlessly with your team members in a dynamic world.

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