Rau ngổ dùng để chữa bệnh gì?

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Not only is coriander a familiar spice, but coriander is also a very good oriental medicine, so what diseases is coriander used to treat?

Coriander is a spice vegetable, but few people know that it also has the effect of supporting the treatment of a number of diseases. So, what disease is cilantro used to treat?

Characteristics of cycads

Coriander plant, also known as coriander, buffalo gourd, water chrysanthemum …

Scientific name: Enydra fluctuans lour, belongs to the daisy family (Asteraceae)

Coriander is a herbaceous plant. Friendly plant is soft, has plenty of water inside and before.

The cylindric body is straight and divided into small branches, with the tallest trees reaching several meters in length.

The leaves are serrated and grow commonly in different regions of the world, with them growing commonly in lakes and ponds throughout the provinces in our country.

Cilantro is semi-aquatic (floating or submerged).

Rau ngổ dùng để chữa bệnh gì? 1Rau ngổ dùng để chữa bệnh gì? 2What is the cure of cilantro that is comfortable for many people.

Chemical composition: In cilantro there is mainly water (93%), protid 2.1%, glucose, cellulose… In addition, cilantro also contains carotene, vitamins B, C, a little aroma essential oil.

Parts used: Young leaves are usually picked, used fresh or dried as medicine

The young coriander is used to eat raw and as a spice.

What diseases does coriander cure?

Coriander is spicy, bitter, calculating and has a gentle aroma. According to folklore, this is a vegetable that helps cool the blood, diuretic and supports the treatment of stones, insomnia.

Coriander has a spicy, bitter taste and a gentle aroma. According to folklore, this is a vegetable that helps cool the blood, is diuretic and supports the treatment of stones and insomnia.

Usage: Take 50g cilantro, fresh, wash, crush, squeeze out water, add a little salt, drink once, twice a day. Use 5 – 7 days. Use alone or in combination with other ingredients, herbs, and extracts. Consistently following this remedy will give quite good results.

You can use crushed coriander, get water mixed with a few grains of salt, drink it for 2 days in the morning and afternoon (drink for 7 days). Either use 50-100g of fresh cilantro as a smoothie drink every day (drink for 15-30 days) or cook with 2 cups of water, boil for 20 minutes to drink.

Treatment of gallstones, kidney stones (mud stones): 100g of fine fresh coriander, squeeze the juice, add 1 tablespoon of honey to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, continuously for 10-15 days.

According to experts, coriander is a main medicine, so how to use the amount of material effectively needs to be checked by a reputable physician to catch the pulse and take the medicine.


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