Semi-Permanent Tattoos – All You Need to Know [2022 Information Guide]

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What is a semi-permanent tattoo? Gain insight into the different types of semi-permanent tattoos and discover why they may be applied.

Tattoos have seen an explosion in popularity over the past ten years, especially among young people. With the rise of hip hop starts like Post Malone, with face tattoos and completely covered fingers and hands, many young people are throwing caution to the wind and getting inked as soon as possible – the more visible the better. Good.

The permanent nature of tattoos is one of the reasons why they can carry stigma and create many conspiracies. Part of the excitement and charm of tattoos is the fact that they last forever: people with ink have put their worries and anxieties aside and opted for permanent markings on their bodies.

But what about those who think they want a tattoo but aren’t ready to do it, or who like a design but can’t think of a permanent mark on their body? For some of these people, semi-permanent tattoos may be an option.

The following article reviews the different approaches and offers helpful guidance for determining whether the semi-permanent option is right for you.

What is a semi-permanent tattoo?

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Tattoos are defined as the permanent application of ink to the skin and anything temporary that is not a tattoo. While the fact that these semi-permanent “tattoos” are a bit misleading, they can still satisfy everyone’s needs, or at least provide a fun way to spend some time doing something. That’s different from friends.

Most of us are familiar with the simple, water-applied temporary tattoos we used to play with as children. The process described in many “decal” products offered online is similar, using water to transfer the ink to the skin, although most incorporate the use of alcohol in the transfer process.

Essentially, the process is almost identical to the one tattoo artists use when transferring a stencil design onto a client’s body, only here, this is where the process stops.

Other approaches to semi-permanent body art use body paint and airbrushes when applied. While the process has not always been compared to semi-permanent tattoos, more and more people are offering this service as an alternative to permanent ink.

Finally, henna is an ancient Indian tradition where pigment is applied to the skin. This is the closest thing to a real, semi-permanent tattoo.

How long do semi-permanent tattoos last?

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There is a lot of discussion on the internet surrounding these products and how long they last. Many websites claim that their stickers on decals will last for up to 20 days before fading slowly and leaving the wearer with clear and ink-free skin as before.

While twenty days is not a very long time for a semi-permanent piece to last, judging by some online guides it seems unrealistic. With these decal products, most user reviews say the design only lasts a maximum of 3 days and a maximum of 12 days. Since semi-permanent is in the name, this can’t really be considered misleading, although for those expecting a three-week set, these products may leave them feeling disappointed. hope.

Another approach to semi-permanent body art that is gaining popularity is airbrushing. While it was originally home to state fairs, street markets, and exotic designs, more and more people are taking the process to the next level and creating art that relies more on tattoos traditional. Again, these designs are said to last seven to ten days. Limiting water exposure and proper care is the best chance these items have for longevity.

Henna is another form of temporary tattoo, originating from India and dating back thousands of years. During this process, the henna dye binds to the keratin molecules in your dermis, allowing the pigments to stain your skin and leave textures that can last for 1-3 weeks. Compared to other methods, henna has the best record in terms of longevity, although the specific coloration and limitations of the process mean it may not be suitable for many different styles and tastes.

Comparative price

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With tattoo prices averaging over $100 an hour, many people feel that semi-permanent tattoos make economic sense. While this is obviously an apple-to-orange comparison, examining the different prices for these processes is a fitting exercise.


The most popular approach is decal products. They are available on many different websites, where design quality and price range significantly. Some companies offer small designs for less than $5 each, while others list prices close to $20 for similar small designs.

Undoubtedly, there are differences in the quality of different products, with the diversity and large number of companies providing similar services, a thorough due diligence is required to ensure make sure to make the right choice.

One cool feature that many of these companies offer is an application suite that allows customers to design and apply their own unique semi-permanent tattoos.

Paint sprayer

The bespoke nature of this process means the price is often higher than the pre-cut, decal method. While the rainbow and unicorn designs found at airbrush booths at state fairs may cost just a few dollars, legal semi-permanent body art can be more expensive a little bit.

While exact numbers are hard to come by, some of the best temporary tattoo studios cater to Hollywood special effects makeup work and can cost over $100 each.


Henna has gradually become popular in the United States since the 60s, and many people choose to hire henna artists for celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, and graduations. Again, the rates and prices for these designs vary widely, although recent numbers list that an experienced artist can charge between $50 and $100 per hour for application henna tattoos at events.

It is worth noting that the size and complexity of a design determines the time it takes to make a piece; In one hour, a talented artist can often complete many designs on many different people.

Different approaches for different situations

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Although they anger many in the tattoo world, these different forms of semi-permanent tattoo art can be perfect for different purposes.

When it comes to the product world that uses the decal method to apply designs, they are best used as a “trial run” for different designs. These companies draw inspiration for their designs from the world of tattoo art, so many people choose the design they are considering for a real tattoo and use this process to get a solid idea. in terms of location, size, style and orientation.

These products are great for this purpose, although it does slightly reduce the sense of danger and excitement created by impulsively sitting down in the chair and walking away with a new tattoo.

Airbrushing is also a popular choice, although the need for artists means this method is more suitable for specific events. Steam brushing is a more laborious process, suitable for parties or groups than checking the possible location of a future tattoo.

Although henna is the longest-lasting of these options, the dye’s limited number of colors means the procedure will create a very specific look. While some may find the brown ink and intricate designs appropriate for everyday wear, most consider it more suitable for celebrations or a bit of fun while on vacation. Despite the pigment’s unique appearance, the low cost and availability of henna ink make it a good choice for anyone interested in creating designs on their own body for relief. mind.

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