Shooting stars in December 2018: Geminids will reach their peak

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. The maximum of this rain of shooting stars is inevitable. We explain how and where the spectacle can be observed. Munich – in the middle of the Christmas season

. The maximum of this rain of shooting stars is inevitable. We explain how and where the spectacle can be observed.

Munich – in the middle of the Christmas season, shooting swarms in the approach is one of the most magnificent stars. After the first of November, Leon enchanted Ides Germany, reached on the night of December 14-15 Geminids Maximum. To see the in General of 4th to 17th century. In December, the peak of the night from December 14 to 15. The Geminids have a quasi-Hand with Ursiden. Under a cloudless sky, dozens of meteors will be visible every hour.

But what exactly are the Geminid shooting stars where they get their name, as you get up, when you’re in Germany and where has the best view of the sky? Below we will answer all these questions.

Geminids: the first shooting stars in December 2018

The Geminids are one of the biggest rave shooting stars of the year. However, they are mostly in the shadow of much more famous people who pass through the country in the summer. The Geminids are less popular, especially in the season when they appear: Cold and often cloudy December weather Shooting star fans – now even more unpleasant viewing conditions than the mild summer nights of the Perseids.

Unlike the Perseids, which regularly fascinate stargazers in August, Geminids viewing always lasts all night. I: These meteors are often bright and slow.

this year you could already see some swarms of shooting stars in Germany. In August around Perseid, in October Orionid and November Betmatic Leonid.

Why do hot Geminids fall in December “”?

The Geminid swarm is named after the constellation Gemini (Latin gemini) with its bright main stars Castor and Pollux, because the shooting stars seem to fall from that direction. Astronauts call the usual starting point of meteor orbits Radiant.

Geminid meteors have an unusual origin

Snuffs actually come from a cloud of dust that passes our Earth in its orbit around the Sun around the same time each year. Dust particles enter the earth’s atmosphere, producing shooting stars, known light phenomena.

Unusually, the origin of the dust cloud, which is for the spectacle of Geminids. In general, the meteor shower reaches the tiny remnants of comets – the tails of stars, released when approaching the hot sun, gas and dust, which then spread around the comet’s orbit. The origin of the Persian, for example, is halides, in the traces of cosmic dust of the comet “Swift-Tuttle”, chamber about every 130 years from the visiting sun. By the way, the Geminids dust cloud: it’s not from a comet, and apparently goes back to an asteroid – a pretty solid little body in our solar system.

The Geminids are an asteroid called Phaeton that orbits the Sun in about a year and a half. Geminids have many features. Stream meteors sweep the sky relatively slowly. The reason is the low speed with which Geminid particles sink into the atmosphere.

As a further characteristic of Geminids in the hour of the shooting star, the maximum, first, the light is weaker and only at the end of the brightest meteors. Those who believe in the fulfillment of their wishes when looking at a shooting star will be especially happy on these bright Geminids, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

shooting stars in December 2018, so you can observe the Geminids

Geminids in December 2018: what time are the lights in the sky?

sky watchers can expect: Because on the night of Friday, December 14 to Saturday, December 15, 2018, reach the Geminid maximum. Then it will be visible in the clear sky every hour, dozens of meteors are expected up to 120 shooting stars per hour. This year, the bright moon does not interfere with the observation of whip-like points of light, because it is not until December 22nd that it is full moon, and January 15th. December is still in the first quarter.

The best conditions for observation, therefore, exist around midnight – while the moon goes against 23.15 and only at 15.00 and again at its highest point.

Geminids in December 2018: Where and how are the shooting stars?

Dark places away from cities are best for observing the Geminids. Therefore, places without artificial light and with good visibility. “If it’s looking at the sky, that’s enough,” says Sirko Molau of the Star Friends Association, which is based in southern Hesse Heppenheim.

However, residents of large cities could, in clear weather, luck. Due to the constellation of Gemini, the named swarm brings an experience in line with the especially large number of bright shooting stars seen in the sky above the light-flooded cities.

Otherwise, whoever wants to photograph the Geminids in December should set up a camera with a wide-angle lens on a tripod and choose a long exposure.

What is the weather like during Geminids in December 2018?

As mentioned before, you can see that Geminids are logically best under clear skies. However, how is the weather in Germany on the night of December 14 to December 15? According to the weather report on, there could be light snow right now on December 14th. December 15 if it is cloudy.

Depending on how so, clouds, sky, lots of room for shooting stars. Since it will pass by then, but still something that time can change. However, according to the forecast, it will be cold again for the next week. You should pack it, therefore, necessarily thick.

Always up to date with our weather forecast for Germany.

What shooting stars are there to see?

this year, Ursiden is still on the calendar. The maximum of these shooting stars is expected in the night between May 22 and 23. However, only ten shooting stars per hour are expected.


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