Sophie Turner’s Tattoos and What They Mean – [2022 Celebrity Ink Guide]

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Sophie Turner was cast as Sansa Stark when she was just 12 years old and spent her entire teenage years starring in one of the most-watched TV shows of all time: HBO’s Game of Thrones.

In life as well as in art, Turner has grown up and become a screen superstar with a standard personality. Now 24, Turner has found love with husband Joe Jonas and starred in two big-budget X-Men movies as Jean Grey/The Phoenix.

On her path to adulthood and stardom, Turner marked her devotion to family, friendships and work in ink. Sophie Turner’s tattoo bursts with meaning and minimalist flair.

How many tattoos does Sophie Turner have?

So far, Sophie Turner’s tattoo collection has 15 small pieces. The eldest Stark daughter went through some serious changes over the course of the series, all the way up to the controversial season. Starting out as a naive, selfish girl, she becomes a tough leader, the victorious Lady of Winterfell in the series finale.

Despite spending half his life in the vortex of public fame – a difficult life in the digital age – Turner has proven to be an attractive, exciting young star with quality screen work. , with a variety of interests and a commitment to self-expression. . Being a fan of quality tattoos is a prime example.

Since she’s so young, we expect Turner’s style preferences and ink choices to change and evolve as she does.

1. North Star on her spine

Sophie’s North Star is a small line and dot tattoo. The North Star is a symbol of guidance, protection and good luck, bringing you home safely during the night. Sophie’s tattoo is so small – no more than a few hairs wide – it’s a delicate, elegant and feminine piece of body art.

2. The tally mark on her right ring finger

Here’s another simple line piece. Sophie has a total of five representing all five members of her immediate family. The process of counting with four vertical lines crossing to form five, probably about 35,000 years ago.

Sophie has chosen to subtly and thoughtfully represent her family with this small piece.

3. The letter “G” on her right pinky finger

Written in a beautiful feminine handwriting, this G is a simple homage to her grandfather. She received this work at the same time her husband, Joe Jonas, also wrote a memorial for his grandfather.

4. Impossible triangle above her left elbow

Triangle cannot. The Greek letters lambda, epsilon, and phi represent Plato’s theory that the soul is made up of three parts: reason, spirit, and appetite.

Sophie’s brother, Will, has a matching tattoo that symbolizes spirit, her other brother James is reason, and Sophie herself is appetite.

5. “The Pack Survives” and the dire wolf symbol

Sophie’s tattoo choices are generally small, but the terrible wolf tattoo she got at the end of the HBO fantasy epic is her most elaborate.

The dire wolf – which she revealed on the Late Late Show with James Cordern, was considered by some to be a spoiler for the HBO series’ finale, and at the time, the throne’s tattoo was the source of Turner’s regret.

Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer used hand lettering and a simple line version of the direwolf symbol from House Stark. The Throne star, the most sensitive of the Stark family, said in an interview that it is an ethic she likes to follow.

It’s also a fitting homage to her role on the show Game of Thrones and the role it played in her life. The original quote is:

“When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

The throne tattoo isn’t her only connection to the show: Turner adopted the dog who played her Lady Wolf on Game.

6. Her brother’s initials on her big toe

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s another piece that symbolizes the special place family holds in her heart. Turner revealed that she decided to get the ink while drunk at a house party, a traditional tattoo ritual for many young people around the world.

7. Rabbit Rabbit

This is a cute simple outline of a black bunny with four red lines representing facial whiskers. It was done by tattoo artist Chris Montgomery. Sophie wears this on the back of her right hand. Talk show host Conan O’Brien suggested to her that Turner’s tattoos looked like “fornicating bunnies” but the young actress insisted it was pure coincidence.

8. Portrait

Turner has yet to publicly comment on the minimalist portrait of a woman’s face and shoulders — its meaning is a little harder to decipher. Knowing the meaning, behind Turner’s other tattoos, this piece is most likely in honor of a friend or relative.

9. Baby J on the wrist

This adorable little j is Sophie’s humble tribute to her husband Joe Jonas, the middle Jonas brother, who along with Kevin and Nick rose to fame at a young age. He put a matching little jacket on Sophie in the same position.

Sophie Turner’s Tattoos and What They Mean – [2022 Celebrity Ink Guide] 1Sophie Turner’s Tattoos and What They Mean – [2022 Celebrity Ink Guide] 2

10. X-Men logo

No spoilers for this superhero squid! This tattoo refers to her role in the X-Men film series and is located on the left side of her ribcage. The selected version is the logo of the Xavier School for Gifted Youth. Although this is a small and simple tattoo, it is not minimalist like many of her other works. The tattoo lines are engraved thicker and the filled X reflects the real logo in real life.

11. 07.08.09

August 7, 2009 was the day Sophie and best friend/co-star Maisie Williams found out they had been cast in Game of Thrones as the Stark brothers. Maisie – who plays Sansa’s evil Arya Stark – has a matching tattoo in red ink on her left arm. Sophie’s shirt is peach on her right arm. The almost flesh-colored tattoo was her mother’s idea to help her hide it while filming the HBO series.

12. Phoenix

The phoenix has long been a symbol of birth and rebirth, rising from the ashes. This is also the role of Jean Gray that she played in the latest X-Men movie. This extremely minimalist tattoo is a thin outline of flames on her right index finger.

13. (To infinity) & Beyond

Sophie’s tattoos are just Part & Beyond. You have to find Jonas’s brother in the middle to understand. Here’s a cute couple’s matching tattoos that show off their shared love of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. It also represents their future together. Sophie’s story is written in beautiful simple script with a bright star and Buzz’s spaceship.

14. Remembering her late dog Waldo

Another tattoo she shared with her husband, this is a touching tribute to the couple’s late dog Waldo, an Alaskan Klee Kai. This is Turner’s most complex ink, showing the dog Waldo looking cute and cuddly. It is tattooed in black and gray in a realistic portrait style. Jonas’s version of the tattoo was accompanied by an Instagram post: “RIP MY LITTLE ANGEL“

15. Two stick figures holding hands

Turner also added his new tattoo after Waldo’s death. It was done by tattoo artist Dragon at Bang Bang Tattoo. Sitting next to little girl j here is another tattoo commemorating the couple’s wedding anniversary. Similar to the style of Sophie’s North Star tattoo, this piece is simply drawn with delicate black ink.

Sophie Turner’s Tattoos and What They Mean – [2022 Celebrity Ink Guide] 3Sophie Turner’s Tattoos and What They Mean – [2022 Celebrity Ink Guide] 4

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