The Story of Dillon Danis, Logan Paul and Nina Agdal Explained: Blockbuster Images, Bans, etc.

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The announcement of Logan Paul and Dillon Danis created a wave of controversy as the two deals took place online, making the matter personal with Paul’s partner Nina Agdal also joining the fray. From threats to jeopardize the war about leaking bombshell photos to very legitimate bans, here’s the full timeline to help you catch up.

After many years away from combat sports, both social media celebrity Logan Paul and infamous internet troll Dillon Danis will now be back together later this year. Although before we get to the boxing match, the pair are already trading brutal blows online.

What started as a fairly typical trash talk, mostly coming from Danis’s camp, has now turned into one viral controversy after another. Legal groups even stepped in when Paul’s partner, Nina Agdal, was also criticized.

So, from the first fight announcement to the latest court orders, here’s a full timeline of events to get you up to speed.

Timeline of events:

DAZNLogan Paul vs Dillon Danis is one of two co-titled matches on the Prime card.

Dillon Danis Announced as Logan Paul’s Next Opponent

First teased back in July, the Misfits x DAZN influencer’s next boxing event was soon revealed to be the ‘Prime Pass’. Named after their business venture with Prime Hydration, both KSI and Logan Paul were announced as co-headliners for the combat sports event on July 28.

Initially, a competitor’s opponent becomes a business partner that is kept secret. Although a few days later, it was revealed that KSI would be going up against the undefeated Tommy Fury, while Paul would be going up against former Bellator boxer Dillon Danis.

Set to take place on October 14 at Manchester Arena, the now highly anticipated event will mark Paul’s first combat sports competition in more than two years, following his showdown with Floyd. Mayweather.

Meanwhile, Danis is wearing boxing gloves for the first time after 4 years of absence from the MMA arena.

Dillon Danis starts typical trolling antics

Even though Danis has been absent from the competition during those years, he’s certainly not been quiet online. Far from it, in fact, as Danis has been linked with numerous other fights in recent months – including a bout with KSI earlier in the year – despite eventually pulling out of them all due to various reasons. reason.

Now, with a specific exit clause in place and this clash with Paul seemingly locked in, it didn’t take long for Danis to start his usual antics on social media.

It begins with some initial criticism aimed at his opponent, poking fun at past scandals while looking for a date on the GREAT podcast. It was just a few days after the floodgates opened and Danis quickly claimed that he had been threatened with a lawsuit by Paul due to the trash talk.

Things turned completely different when Danis started targeting other people. Instead of focusing much of his online hostility on the man he’ll actually be fighting on October 14, Danis has instead focused largely on trolling Nina Agdal.

Dillon Danis Targets Logan’s Partner, Nina Agdal

As the beef continued to heat up, Danis attracted more attention than ever by sharing a picture of Paul’s fiance Nina Agdal. Dozens of photos have been circulated online, some of which are real, some of which have been clearly edited, of the model appearing with many other male celebrities. The aim is to reveal previous possible relationships and alleged physical entanglements.

In response to these numerous posts, Danis was quick to claim that he had caused infighting between the couple. “You know, it’s trouble in heaven,” he said at the time on the FULL SEND Podcast.

However, on August 20, tensions reached a peak. Danis suggests that he got a particularly clear image of Agdal, one that, if shared online, would see the Prime card “cancelled”. “This photo looks like a nuclear bomb. The damage it causes is irreparable,” he asserted.

“If I drop this photo, the fight is over, his engagement is over, and I might even go to jail.”

Several social media divisive figures are said to have seen the photo in question. For one, Andrew Tate has spoken out, agreeing with the severity of the fallout if it were to appear on the internet. Next is Adin Ross, who argues that the “nuclear” photo has taken things “too far”.

At the moment, no one else knows the exact contents of the aforementioned photo, although all the teasing has certainly worked in favor of Danis. The relentless social media trolling has garnered more than 2 billion views on Twitter alone, and we’re still more than a month away from the start of the war, if it continues.

Nina Agdal files lawsuit against Dillon Danis

As a result of the violent attack, Agdal filed a lawsuit against Danis on September 6. The model claims she suffered “humiliation, mental anguish and damage to her reputation” because of the harassment. Danis puppet online.

The lawsuit alleges Danis or an associate of Danis “hacked” her Snapchat account to find an old video that had been shared with millions of views on Twitter. Agdal is said to be claiming “no less than” $150,000 in damages at the outset, but it’s more than just a financial split.

A temporary ban was also placed on Danis, which Agdal hopes will prevent him from sharing any more sexually explicit images online. This ban has been pushed through the legal system and was enacted on September 7.

“It has been ordered that pending a hearing on September 12, 2023 and until further Order of the Court, Defendant and all persons participating in or actively coordinating with him are prohibited from posting Plaintiff’s sexually explicit photos on the internet without her consent,” the order read.

“She has applied for a restraining order against me and is asking for jail time,” Danis openly continued shortly after the news broke. “The war would be in jeopardy if I was in prison. This is really wild but I’m not going to stop. Damn the system, come get me. Logan Paul is a walking dead man.”

And that brings us to today, where the battle between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis seems to be in the balance. If the fight is postponed, former UFC fighter Mike Perry is waiting as a backup to face Paul.

Is that necessary though? Will Danis stop his trolling and make sure the fight continues? How will Paul respond from here? It’s all a game-in-waiting for now but rest assured we’ll keep you updated here with further developments ahead of the October 14 event.

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