TikToker splits the internet by sharing how to avoid “low-budget” dates

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One woman’s TikTok about how she avoided the “low-budget experience” of dating has the Internet divided.

There can be a lot of anxiety surrounding a first date – after all, if everything goes well it could just be the first step towards a relationship.

However, dating etiquette and expectations vary between people depending on what they are looking for. So it’s no surprise that not everyone agrees with what you’re getting.

One TikToker discovered this after sharing how she made sure none of her dates ended up as a “low-budget experience,” leaving the Internet divided.

Tisia, who goes by the nickname ’tisiaxvs’ on TikTok, regularly posts dating tips and advice as the Internet’s “big sister” on all things relationship-related. But one of her latest posts has caused a stir.

Pretending to be a “suitor” who invited her out for coffee, Tisia said: “You can’t take me out for coffee or tea on the first date. That’s not fair to me, I don’t drink coffee and my perfume is too expensive so don’t play.”

She then uses the “sandwich effect” to “redirect” the date to something more suitable for her. And for those who are confused, there’s really no bread involved. Instead, it is an approach used to give negative feedback by “sandwiching” it between two positive responses.

Using this technique, Tisia was able to turn her upcoming date into a restaurant experience, asking viewers to “ask what you want, be polite when asking, be a little finicky and Always say please and thank you.”

The video has sparked mixed reactions, with Tisia’s supporters calling her “elite, masterful and intentional”. However, not everyone was on board.

One said: “My value is not tied to what the date looks like.” Another said, “First date coffee is perfect for me…low budget for my time and his money! Chemistry is the goal, not how much he can spend.”

Some went a completely different route, with one naysayer writing, “Personally, I wouldn’t even respond to a man who even thought about suggesting a coffee date — just Find someone else who will suggest dinner.”

While Tisia’s advice may not be suitable for everyone, those who follow her advice experience positive results; “Girl!!! Tell me why I tried this today and he stepped right up. ARE YOU SOME KIND OF WITCH?”

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