UK safari park welcomes rare red panda twins born on home turf

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Longleat, a safari park in the United Kingdom, has announced the birth of twin red panda cubs as part of a global breeding program to increase the population of this endangered species. The park also shared some adorable pictures of the rare twins.

Rare red panda twins were born in June at a safari park in the United Kingdom. They are developing well. (Instagram/@longleatofficial)

Although the cubs were born in June, the zoo recently released details about them, reports the BBC.

Keepers said the twins are developing well and are being closely monitored. They added that they will adjust the mother’s diet and environment to ensure she has everything she needs to care for her babies.

In addition, the cubs will be weighed regularly to ensure that their growth and development continues smoothly.

“A pair of rare red panda cubs were born here at Longleat this summer,” read part of the caption written alongside the pictures shared on Longleat’s official Instagram page.

The caption also highlights that red pandas are endangered, with only 2,500 left in the wild. Deforestation, habitat loss, poaching and illegal pet trade threaten their survival.

The zoo also shared how the parents of these twin panda cubs are critical to supporting the red panda population. “Mum and dad, Emma and Lionel, are playing an essential role in a global breeding program to help boost the red panda population, and we hope their twin boys will one day move on to other collections and have families of their own,” the caption continues.

“For now, they spend most of their days snoozing in their nests here at Longleat, and the family gets a regular supply of fresh bamboo leaves from our own plantation,” it concluded.

Check out pictures of rare red panda twins below:

They shared the pictures on Instagram three days ago. Since then, more than 7,000 people have liked them, and a few have even left comments.

Here’s how people reacted to these pictures of rare red panda twins born in the UK:

An Instagram user wrote: “Cuteness warning peeps! They are so adorable. Congratulations to mom Emma and dad Lionel and their guardians.”

“Brilliant news! They are so cute. I hope it continues to grow well,” expressed another.

A third said: “Congratulations on the red panda cubs.”

“I am so delighted with this news! Congratulations to Emma and Lionel and all the team at Longleat! This made my year better!” commented a fourth.

A fifth posted: “Great to know they’re still doing well. I managed to film one of them wearing it on July 7 and it was a very special moment.”

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