Valorant’s Ascent Map Took Riot Games 5 Years To Develop & Perfect

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Provided by Riot Games brave In the latest developer blog, fans were treated to shocking information revealing Ascent, the latest map bravetook an astonishing five years to develop and perfect. brave is a tactical team shooter launched by Riot Games earlier this year to great success, competing with other popular games such as Overwatch. Actually, brave It quickly became a darling of the esports community, with many professional players from other games announcing their departure from those fields to pursue esports careers. brave – a game that only recently came out of beta.

It’s easy to see why these talented players are willing to take risks braveHowever, it has the perfect combination of engaging and watchable gameplay, and has a big developer like Riot Games taking control of its future, ensuring reliability and consistency. Riot, though still best known for MOBA games League of Legendsrecently expanded its repertoire to include the more popular Auto Chess game Teamfight tactics and a promising online card game alliance is called Legends of Runeterra. Riot is also currently working on developing a fighting game.

But the freshest game is still braveThe game has been growing rapidly as more and more players get used to the demands of its gameplay. In the latest Riot Games developer blog, level design lead Chris Carney and senior game designer Salvator Garrozzo look back at some of the elements that went into making Ascent, the latest installment in the Ascent franchise. brave Map pool. The biggest revelation is right at the end of the blog, where they admit that the process usually takes a year – but in the case of the Ascent, it took a total of five years. But that’s not because the map is a giant puzzle to solve, but because it needs to be constantly tweaked to fit the needs of the game built around it:

Ascent took nearly five years, evolving as the game continues to evolve [Valorant] itself. It’s been a long journey, but in many ways we’ve only just begun.

Another interesting fact is braveThe Ascent map, which was apparently one of the first maps developed brave, and is a site where many of the game’s core concepts in gameplay and skill development are tested and honed.For a new map in player eyes, Ascent is surprisingly integrated into the fabric of the game brave as a game. This would explain why this map became such a great addition to the game early on, though it’s still as divisive among fans as any other competitive map introduced to the multiplayer map pool.

Riot Games’ latest developer blog illustrates just how much work has gone into some of the more underappreciated elements of the game’s design, such as map construction.the fact is braveHowever, the Ascension map took a total of five years to create, making it one of the oldest maps in the game – although, paradoxically, it’s also the newest map to be added now brave has been officially launched.

brave Available now on PC.

Source: Play Valorant

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