What happened to Gabbie Hanna? Social media star disappears after disturbing videos

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Gabbie has received a lot of backlash online in the past.

Fans are increasingly concerned about social media star Gabbie Hanna as she has been inactive on all of her accounts since the beginning of the year. It comes after she posted hundreds of cryptic TikTok videos in one day.

Gabbie Hanna, 32, is an influencer who gained fame on the now-defunct video app Vine and continued to grow her following on both YouTube and TikTok, as well as launch a career music. With millions of followers across multiple platforms, she has been a popular influencer for over a decade.

In August 2022, Gabbie worried fans after posting more than a hundred TikTok videos in one day, in which she discussed various topics, including religion and death. She was also criticized for comments that many described as racist.

Although Gabbie commented days after the incident, addressing concerns by saying she was experiencing a manic episode due to her bipolar condition, fans couldn’t help but continue to worry about her current absence.

During her time on social media, Gabbie has been involved in several controversies, including a feud with Angelika Oles. But when this happens, she usually stays away from the internet for a few days before coming back online after things calm down.

This time is different. Gabbie hasn’t posted anything on her social media pages since January 2023 and no one seems to have heard from her since then. So what happened?

What happened to Gabbie Hanna? Where is she now?

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Gabbie has been inactive on any of her social media platforms since January 2023. At the time of writing, there is no official news or updates on her whereabouts or current condition that.

But on March 15, Gabbie appeared on Prince Ea’s Sauna Sessions podcast, where she talked about her stance on social media and why she hasn’t been as active.

She revealed that she deleted the app from her phone, which could explain the lack of content over the past few months.

Gabbie then went on to shock fans by talking about how she was planning on deleting her platform completely.

“I’m trying to gain strength to actually undo it,” she said. But I can’t tell if that’s what I should do or not. Specifically TikTok. Because I feel like TikTok is like the worst of the worst.”

After talking about what she doesn’t like about TikTok, which includes users “consuming trash,” Prince Ea went on to ask her what she would like her ideal social media platform to be like. any.

“I don’t think any of us intended to be on a platform that way,” she said. “I don’t think any of us were born to be ‘famous’. I don’t think any of us have followers. I don’t think any of us mean to idolize ourselves that way. Because not only do we idolize ourselves, we also make false idols of ourselves.”

She went on to say that she prefers privacy over social media. She also revealed that she recently realized that in her life, all the fame and attention on social media isn’t really doing her any good, because it’s not her thing. he really wants to.

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