What is TikTok’s ‘reverse AI filter’ trend?

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TikTok users are applying AI filters to artistically edit their photos – but some users fear the tool could be reversed. Here’s everything you need to know about this trend.

TikTok is the undisputed trendsetter for today’s social media fads. The app has spawned a series of viral crazes over the years, including everything from edible ‘butter boards’ to popular dances and more.

Various filters have also taken the platform by storm, including the AI ​​green screen filter that took over the TikTok community last year. Essentially, users can type in a series of suggested text and the AI ​​will create an original image based on those words.

Now, users are using AI technology to edit their photos… but some worry that this trend could seriously backfire.

What is TikTok’s AI art filter?

People can use the ‘AI Art’ filter on TikTok to create a highly edited version of any image they choose. While it is sometimes possible to tell what the original image is, often all recognizable details are erased, creating a fantastical picture that looks nothing like the original photo.

Naturally, some TikTokers are using the tool to upload ‘spicy’ photos of themselves that are completely obscured by the AI ​​filter, thus creating a new kind of trend on the app.

Can you reverse TikTok’s AI art filter?

However, some worry that other users might invert the AI ​​filter to see things they shouldn’t – but sources say don’t worry about this.

No, other users can’t take your video and invert the filter, but according to Distractify, it can still be unsafe for people to run their photos through the AI ​​art tool.

According to the website, when users upload their photos through the filter, they are “uploading photos to a server where they can be hacked.”

This is just the latest filter to cause concern on TikTok after the ‘hook nose’ filter sparked backlash from users when creators used it as a “confidence booster”.

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