Where does season 5 of Love is Blind take place?

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Love is Blind is back with season 5 with more drama and romance than ever. But where will season five take place?

The popular Netflix series Love is Blind raises a big question: is love really blind? Can people really invest in a long-term, unseen relationship?

According to the last four seasons of the hit reality show, the answer is yes and no. While some couples end up happily married throughout the seasons, others end their relationships in heartbreak due to incompatibility in the real world.

Season 5 is being broadcast on September 22, 2023 via Netflix. Of course, fans cannot wait any longer and are eager to know all the details about the upcoming season. Where will the fifth season of the actual series take place?

Where does season 5 of Love is Blind take place?

So far, Love is Blind has seen couples fall in love in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Seattle.

Season 5 of the hit reality series will take place in Houston, this is the second season filmed in the Texas territory. So far, there have been nine married couples from the Netflix series. With that said, only seven people have been together during the few years since the movie’s release.

On Love is Blind’s official Instagram account, the new contestants were introduced to the world, leaving fans eagerly waiting for more. However, the latest trailer has viewers speculating that this season will have the most drama.

Fans took to the comments section to express their excitement for the fifth season.

“My God, this season is going to be hectic!!” One fan wrote in the comments. “Really hope love is blind for couples!!”

Another agreed, saying they couldn’t finish the series. “I am very passionate about this program. I can’t wait!” They write.

“This is the coolest idea ever!” another fan said. “Can’t wait for season 5.”

Stay tuned for more Love is Blind, available on Netflix only.

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