Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary?

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Neil Patrick Harris is the latest addition doctor whoHe will face off against the returning David Tennant in the upcoming 60th anniversary special. Regarding Harris’ character or role in returning special show host Russell T Davies, the author said: “You just have to wait. But I guarantee you, what we’re shooting right now is off the scale. Doctor beware!It’s an ominous statement that Neil Patrick Harris is playing a villain from the Doctor’s long history in the anniversary special.

Given Neil Patrick Harris’ extensive career on stage and screen, including how I Met Your Mother and memorable villains. Matrix resurrected, He will be a big draw for viewers in 2023.Harris and Davis previously collaborated on an episode of the writer’s critically acclaimed series it’s a sin, but this will likely be a more important role. Neil Patrick Harris took to his Instagram to discuss the role, promising “try to do the worst“.

As always, with big-name guest stars announced, doctor who Fans have been speculating who Neil Patrick Harris will play. Davis joked about new production team filming “Out of scale”, hinting at a villain who has yet to appear in modern times doctor who. With Aquaman’s recent return, the show is clearly looking at villains it could bring back with today’s visual effects technology. Given that photos of Neil Patrick Harris don’t show him underneath layers of prosthetics, this suggests this is a more humanoid threat to the Doctor. The Master has returned multiple times since the series returned in 2005, so it’s highly unlikely that he himself will appear.That said, there are many options doctor whoA rogues gallery that Neil Patrick Harris could play.

Nosy monk

The Nosy Monk, first appeared in 1965 doctor who There have been frequent rumors that the TV series Time Butler is about to return. Originally played by comedian Peter Butterworth, the Monk was the first Time Lord besides the Doctor to be introduced to audiences. He was keen to intervene in historical events, trying to change the outcome of the Battle of Hastings, but failed.He returned again in “Master Plan of the Daleks” but has not been seen since, with the character returning regularly thereafter doctor who Audio drama.

There have been rumors about Monk’s return for years, and one of the most memorable rumors was that he would be played by Star TrekPatrick Stewart.Screenwriter Peter Hanes has revealed he pitched Steven Moffat a Meddling Monk story that would make Matt Berry a canon doctor who Features. Given Neil Patrick Harris’s background in comedy, he’s a perfect fit opposite David Tennant’s doctor. However, although it is decorated with tools for mending or intervening, his costume does not reflect that of a monk, so it is unlikely that Harris played this particular role.

Valeyard/Dream Lord

Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary? 1Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary? 2

Before filming began on the 60th anniversary episode, some early rumors suggested that David Tennant would play Vale, rather than the Doctor. Essentially, the Valeyard is an evil version of the Doctor. The Valeyard’s exact nature has never been fully explored since their sole appearance in The Trial of the Time Lords, but he is either an amalgam of the Doctor’s darkest thoughts, an evil rebirth, or both. a mixture of.Although Valeyard has not returned yet doctor whoa very similar character appeared in Matt Smith’s first season as the Eleventh Doctor.

Neil Patrick Harris wears a bow tie. The dreamer also wears a bow tie. However, this could very well be a coincidence.The King of Dreams (Toby Jones) only appears in one doctor who Season 5, Episode 7, “Amy’s Choice,” but he made quite an impression. He is revealed to be the Doctor’s subconscious, expressing his darkest thoughts and embodying the Doctor’s doctor who Entering the new era of 2023, following the revelations about the Timeless Child, Valeyard/Dream Lord would be the perfect way for the characters to face their inner darkness. Harris and Tennant are both very likable performers who are able to go to dark places with their characters. Therefore, Neil Patrick Harris would be a great foil for David Tennant as Dr. Evil.

Master (of the land of novels)

Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary? 3Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary? 4

On announcing the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate doctor whoOn the occasion of the 60th anniversary, RTD named Novel Nation as a possible explanation for their return. The Land of Fiction is a pocket universe in which fictional characters from comics, myths, and legends live and breathe. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe were trapped there in the 1968 series Mind Robbers, where they interacted with unicorns, superheroes and Gulliver himself.Given the potential emergence doctor who ’60s comic book villain Russell T Davies might be taking a high-concept, meta approach to the anniversary special.

The Eleventh Doctor once stated: “In the end we are all stories“, so it’s okay doctor whoIs the 60th anniversary special a mythical tale about the Doctor’s life? Given pop culture’s current fascination with the multiverse, it could offer a unique take on the trend. The Doctor has been having adventures across time and space for thousands of years, and it makes sense that versions of these adventures would find their way into myth and legend to keep the land of fiction going. Aside from the apron, Neil Patrick Harris’ character’s hair and glasses aren’t a million miles away from those of the Master of Realm in the original novel.Not only that, but it can also satisfy those who missed it doctor who A Chance from the Original Age of RTD – A Christmas Special in which David Tennant battles fictional creatures from his mind harry potter Author JK Rowling!

heavenly toy maker

Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary? 5Who Is Neil Patrick Harris Playing In Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary? 6

The most obvious is who Neil Patrick Harris will play doctor whoThe 60th anniversary special is The Toymaker in the Sky. Appearing only once in the 1966 series of the same name, the Toymaker is a powerful being who captures creatures and forces them to play games for fun.The Trickster God is a familiar trope Star Trekbut it rarely appears in doctor who. RTD has a bright future”Out of scale” scene, this might be the perfect time to bring the character back.

His return was even better because he left doctor who Showrunner Chris Chibnall, Season 12, Episode 7 “Can You Hear Me?” During the Thirteenth Doctor’s confrontation with the Eternals Zelin and Rakaya, the toys The Maker is briefly mentioned, suggesting he’s still out there playing the game. If Neil Patrick Harris plays the Toymaker, the production team would be wise to update the costume from the Mandarin costume in question to one similar to Geppetto’s from Pinocchio. A more literal interpretation of the character, but one that brings them into the 21st century and sidesteps their problematic origins in East Asian stereotypes.

The Doctor and Donna are put into the game trying to survive, it would be a great plot doctor who60th anniversary special program. It hearkens back to 1983’s “Rassilon Game” from The Five Doctors, and provides an appropriately high-concept tone for the rest of the show. With the return of the Celestial Toymaker, doctor who It’s possible to transcend the tired alien invasion plot and tackle the realm of the gods.If an actor as charismatic as Neil Patrick Harris were to play the character, the Toymaker might just become his own version of the Doctor Star TrekThe problem. This will lead to some very exciting things,”closure scale“The show is about the possibilities of telling stories in 2023 and beyond.

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