Why You Should Avoid Instagram Wrapped

Why You Should Avoid Instagram Wrapped - networth, wiki, biography
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Just because an app has gone viral doesn’t mean you should download it.

Wrapped for Instagram is an app that claims to give you details about how many people have blocked you on Instagram, along with other details. However, users have raised serious security concerns about the app. Let’s see why downloading Wrapped for Instagram is not a good idea.


What is Wrapped Instagram?

Have you heard about Spotify Wrapped? Similar to how Spotify Wrapped delves into your music listening habits, Wrapped for Instagram claims to reveal statistics about your Instagram usage throughout the year.

4 images instagram package shows number of blocked users-1 Wrapped instagram shows how many users have muted stories-1 instagram package shows the number of users who took a screenshot of the post-1 Covered by Instagram shows how many profile views you have

Interestingly, Wrapped for Instagram reveals statistics like your secret admirers, your closest friends, people who have blocked you, number of people who have taken screenshots of your posts, and your most effective stories.

Why you should avoid Wrapped for Instagram

While many social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube have jumped on the bandwagon of displaying their digital usage statistics at the end of each year, Instagram Wrapped is a little different. While Spotify Wrapped, TikTok’s Year on TikTok, and YouTube Recaps are features implemented by the respective apps, Wrapped for Instagram is not owned by Instagram. In fact, it’s not even related to Instagram’s parent company, Meta, and is owned by Wrapped Labs LLC.

Oddly enough, instead of a website dedicated to the app, the developers created a Notion page to document the app’s privacy policy. The app developers state in their privacy policy that Wrapped for Instagram uses third-party services that may collect information to identify you. They also state that while they do their best to protect your personal information, they do not guarantee its security.

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Since this app is not affiliated with Instagram and is owned by a third-party company, it ultimately means you are risking your Instagram account by giving your credentials to an app. illegal use. Some users reported that they were unable to access their Instagram accounts and were logged out shortly after downloading Wrapped and entering their login credentials. Some even received phishing emails and received notifications that someone was trying to reset their social media passwords.

While there’s no way to know for sure how your data is being used by Wrapped, there are concerns about the accuracy of the data the app provides. For example, the app claims to show users how much time they’ve spent on Instagram since the beginning of the year. However, Instagram users across Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) found that the estimated time they spent on Instagram according to the app was not even close to the data on their screen time settings. . You’ll also notice that the stats will change every time you log in, which says a lot about the accuracy of the app.

These are also the reasons why you should stay away from Instagram follower tracking apps.

Stay away from cover for Instagram

From what we’ve seen, it seems like the stats the app provides are randomly generated. We strongly recommend that you stay away from third-party apps that are not affiliated with Instagram or Meta as your login information could be compromised. Even though the app has garnered thousands of downloads, it’s not worth compromising your account.

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