Xem Phim Oldboy – Báo Thù (Full Trọn Bộ HD Vietsub)

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“Oldboy – Revenge” is a fascinating film full of curiosity and surprise, bringing a dark story of love, revenge and shocking secrets. With excellent forums and unique visuals, the film captures the attention of martial artists by combining tense drama and subtle psychology.

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The main content of the movie Oldboy – Revenge

“Oldboy – Revenge” is not only an outstanding movie but still a unique combination between the Korean and American cinematic worlds. Released in 2003, directed by Park Chan-wook and based on the novel of the same name by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi, the film quickly garnered interest with its intricate plot and disturbing plot. It became a memorable crime psychological film.

The story takes place in 1988, when a businessman named Oh Dae-su was temporarily arrested after an attack while speaking Phuc. But this kidnapping is just the beginning of a more optimal plan. After being set free, Oh Dae-su was kidnapped and imprisoned in a secret room for 15 years without knowing why.

During this time, he learns his wife has been harmed and the traces at the scene make him the main offender. His daughter was adopted by a Swedish couple. To get revenge and learn the truth, Oh Dae-su practices martial arts information through a TV, his only connection to the outside world.

After 15 years, Oh Dae-su is freed and in his quest for the truth, he meets Mi-do, a young girl who works as a chef in a sushi bar, who assists him in his work to find his captor. grandfather. This process pits him against Lee Woo-jin, a wealthy man with a special connection to Mr. Dae-su’s past.

Lee Woo-jin makes an unexpected consensus: if Oh Dae-su can find out the reason for his imprisonment within 5 days, Woo-jin will commit suicide. Otherwise, Mi-do – who has become a particularly important member in Oh Dae-su’s life – will die. During the investigation, Dae-su and Mi-do not only discover Woo-jin’s dark secret, but also develop feelings between them.

Secrets of the ascending past come to light: Dae-su and Woo-jin attended Evergreen Catholic School together and were involved in the strange death of Woo-jin’s older sister. The pursuit and revenge bring about a series of tense and tense situations.

At the climax of the story, Woo-jin reveals a shocking truth: Mi-do, whom Dae-su loves, is actually Woo-jin’s daughter. This truth causes Dae-su to decline and beg Woo-jin to keep this secret from Mi-do. Woo-jin agreed, leaving Dae-su in pain and taking action automatically.

After all, Dae-su still feels miserable and tries to forget everything. But what the audience is left with after watching is wondering about the effectiveness of going through a hypnosis process, whether it can help Dae-su erase the shadows of the past.

“Oldboy – Revenge” is not only a tense action movie, but also raises profound questions about human psychology, suffering, revenge and love, readers watch, reflect and discuss at the same time. . The film’s ending offers a sense of curiosity and mystery, leaving the martial artist with questions regarding whether Dae-su can truly erase the darkness he experienced, or whether the Truly hypnotic is just his way of existing in a new world.

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Comments and reviews of Theories about the movie Oldboy – Vengeance

The movie “Oldboy – Revenge” has created a power and controversy in fake hearts. Check out the comments and reviews from free on this work:

  • premium essence and iconic surprise: Much of the fantasy appreciates the film’s drama, along with its suspenseful plot twists and fourths. The girl’s unexpected face in the plot made them not take their eyes off the screen and always persevered to continue watching to find out the truth behind everything.
  • High-end production title: The audience couldn’t quickly see the iconic symbols of the actors, especially Choi Min-sik as Oh Dae-su. His sharpness and depth make the tension and suffering of the character conveyed to the prosthesis in a real and powerful way.
  • Unique shape and image: The film possesses a unique and artistic aesthetic. The scenes are subtly executed, from the action scenes to the tantrums. Several stand-alone digital scenes have also created a stand-alone visual experience.
  • Controversial work: Although the majority of martial artists rated the film’s high level of creativity and plot, there were also some who felt uncomfortable with the level of violence and shocking situations in the film. Some sensitive details have made many people feel unacceptable or unwilling to watch again.
  • Lessons on love, revenge and human psychology: “Oldboy – Revenge” is not only an action movie but also raises profound questions about human psychology, love and children’s abilities. people at work against harsh circumstances. Some martial artists felt they learned a lesson and reflected upon it after watching it.

Overall, “Oldboy – Revenge” is a unique, bold and emotional movie. Not everyone liked or accepted the level of violence and violence in the film, but it created a unique and unforgettable experience for those who saw it.


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