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“Total Revenge” is a Chinese romantic drama film, directed by Tu Nghiem and starring Dai Dung, Hien Vien, My Lien and Tung Duong. The plot revolves around revenge and love, delivering deep emotions and drama. This movie has Vietsub and Voiceover to benefit the audience. The realistic acting of the talented cast promises to bring memorable experiences and good emotions to viewers.

Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 1Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 2

Review About the movie Total Revenge in detail

Movie name: Revenge of the Tycoon

Country: China

Directed by: Tu Nghiem

Episodes: 6 episodes

Subtitles: Vietsub, Voiceover

Year of manufacture: 2023

Genre: Romance

Actors: Dai Dung, Hien Vien, My Lien, Tung Duong

1. Summary of the main content of the movie Total Revenge

“The movie ‘Total Revenge’ is about Tieu My, an 18-year-old tycoon girl who disguises and marries Dai Hung, a random person. She does this for god to repay the work he saved his life. , But their marriage from day one was in danger.

After getting married, Tieu My discovered that the servant was preparing to inject poison. Worried and confused, she decides to deal with it on her own and discovers that her husband has been harmed. According to her father-in-law, on the 8th of the following month, there will be an announcement about the leader of the ethics corporation and Tieu My doubts that the car accident mission is really true.

Tieu My decided to investigate to find out the cause of her husband’s murder. One day, while caring for her husband in a coma, she stumbles upon a dark conspiracy plan and is determined to punish those who want to usurp the inheritance. Thanks to her medical knowledge, she recognized poisons on her desk and realized that they had a beneficial effect on her husband’s condition, leaving no doubt.

While she was thinking, a helper appeared strategically and injected nutrients into her infusion box. She was surprised to receive the help of ordinary people with information about medicine. Though she kept quiet at first, after the maid left, she took out the long-held needle store and reindeer into the traffic bin. This action proves her thinking right and shows that there are bad people trying to be independent.

While her husband continued to work in the office without knowing about the danger, Tieu My couldn’t stop thinking about the darkness and the silent enemies that surrounded her.

With a mind of revenge and defending the decision, Tieu My began to learn about the leader of the corporation and the individuals involved. She discovers a large criminal network is active and they have taken advantage of her husband’s innocence to usurp inheritance and power.

Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 3Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 4

Using her talents and information, Tieu My gathered important evidence and information. She begins a sophisticated revenge campaign, deceiving and stepping on dangerous enemies.

On her journey of revenge, Tieu My meets and cooperates with trusted allies who share the same goal and desire to unravel the true truth. Together they craft a violent plan to build a criminal network and give tools to those who already have a generalized brand.

Overcoming intense battles and dangerous pursuits, Tieu My not only becomes a powerful female general but also a hero who does not succumb to the poisonous force. She went through many hardships and sacrifices to protect her husband and solve the problem.

In the end, Tieu My succeeds in exposing the dark enemies, making the true light and avenging her husband. The movie “Total Revenge” ends with the victory of Tieu My and her allies, and they continue to live in peace and happiness.

2. The talented actors in the movie Total Revenge are worth watching

The movie “Total Revenge” is made by a team of talented actors from China, creating a special impression.

Dai Dung, one of the leading actors of the Chinese film industry, takes on the main role of the general talent Dai Hung. He was able to play this complex forum role wonderfully with truth in expression and truth in forum.

Hien Vien, an actress who is both beautiful and talented, plays Tieu My, a strong and self-sacrificing wife. She succeeded in conveying the image of a strong, brave and loving woman.

The appearance of My Lien and Tung Duong also played an important role in the film, contributing to its success. They were able to make an actual forum and score with the fake using the forum icons on the screen.

All of these actors will give you a performance worth watching and liven up the story in “Total Revenge”.

Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 5Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 6

3. Special features and unforgettable impressions about the movie Total Revenge

The movie “Total Revenge” is not only an interesting love story, but still has special points and memorable impressions. Here are the highlights of the movie:

  • Compelling plot: “Total Revenge” possesses an exciting and dramatic plot. The context revolves around the revenge of the tycoon Dai Hung, who has experienced a lot of pain and hurt in the past. All changes started when he met Tieu My and together started with difficulties, creating intense struggles and struggles.
  • High-quality acting: The talent of the cast in the film was able to realize realistic and sharp performances. Dai Dung and Hien Vien have created emotional forum screens and successfully built multidimensional objects. The actors’ harmony and dedication create complex issues and relationships that score in the heart of the fantasy.
  • Beautiful scenery and images: “Total Revenge” is made with a high level of technical investment, giving the possibility to imagine beautiful scenes and delicate colors. From luxurious urban buildings to beautiful natural landscapes, every image in the film creates a lively and inspiring space.

The great combination of emotion and action is a special feature of the movie “Total Revenge”. Not only does it bring emotional emotional moments, the film also provides action scenes that are top-notch and can’t be easily forgotten. Extreme fights, intense races, and discussion stories will pretend to be caught up in the story. This unique combination creates an attractive and diverse, giving the empty space an interesting experience.

Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 7Xem Phim Tổng Tài Trả Thù Trọn Bộ Full TẬP 1,2,3,4,5,6 Thuyết minh 2023 8

4. The impact of the profound message that the film brings to the audience

The movie “Total Revenge” is not only an attractive love story but also gives the audience profound messages about life and people.

The plot of the film interweaves love, compassion and the ability to forgive through objects. The main characters face difficulties and challenges in life, but they always keep their faith and find the strength to overcome. This reminds me of the importance of martial arts, compassion, and the ability to forgive in a happy life.

The film gives martial artists the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of happiness and pain, about caring and taking responsibility for those around them. It encourages people to learn how to listen, empathize, and forgive to build good and happy relationships.

The profound message that “Total Revenge” conveys is not only personal but also social. Anti-Armor together build a better world, where love and things are the core values.

The movie “Total Revenge” is not only a formula for a love story but also an opportunity to discover and reflect on meaningful values ​​in life. It opens up space for people to think about compassion, the ability to forgive and care for one another

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Reviews and reviews of a movie “Total Revenge” worth watching can’t be missed

The movie “Total Revenge” is a must-see work not to be missed, with many remarkable and impressive elements.

First, the actor’s acting talent has contributed to the success of the film. As the general talent Dai Hung, Dai Dung performed brilliantly, bringing true expressions and deep emotions. And Hien Vien, through the role of Tieu My, was able to possess a special forum talent, creating the image of a strong and brave woman.

Next, the story of the film attracts viewers by combining emotion, action and element of surprise. From the character building to the details in the film, every detail is meticulously handled and creates tension and tension for the viewer.

In addition, the film also opens the nose with profound messages about love, kindness, and secondary ability. Important values ​​in life are conveyed by the film and encouraged to reflect and act accordingly.

Not only that, “Total Revenge” also made a strong impression on minerals with beautiful scenes and art. From the beautiful frames, viewers can experience the director’s sophistication and professionalism, creating an attractive and captivating space.

In summary, “Total Revenge” is a movie worth watching, promising to bring the audience hours of interesting entertainment and deep reflections on life. From the talented publication narrator, the compelling story to the meaningful message, this film deserves a high rating and cannot be missed.

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